This guide will teach you how to bypass EverQuest's truebox code for boxing on any Progression server, this will allow you to box as many characters as you like on a single computer.


First Step - Setting up VMWare, and hiding that you are using a Virtual machine from EverQuest


1. Install VMware Pro (I use version 12.1.1)

1a. Create a virtual machine (VM)

1b. Few tips; when creating a new VM, you just need to make it as barebones as possible. 2 gigs ram and about 35 gigs of HD space per virtual machine should do you just fine.



2. Install EverQuest on the Virtual Machine.

3. Make special note of the name you chose for your virtual machine, you're going to need it later.

4. Go to this file path: Documents > Virtual Machines > Name of your new virtual machine > VMware virtual machine configuration file. Open the file in notepad.







5. Insert this line of code monitor_control.restrict_backdoor = "true"



6. Save and exit out of the VMware configuration file.


7. Start up your virtual machine.


8. Start up EverQuest, you should no longer get a message that you are using a virtual machine.

At this point it will allow you to run only 1x Virtual machine in EverQuest, and your normal EverQuest client. So you can now two box.


How to Box more than 2 characters on one computer, and as many as you like


1. Create as many VMWares as you want (# of how many you want to box). Use the above steps on each VMware you create.

2. On Each VMWare you need to change your MAC Address. This is very important.

Go to VM Tab -> Settings 


Click on Network Adapter -> Advanced



Click on Generate under Mac Address in your advanced window:


Click on OK, you will need to do this on every VMWare install. You only need to do it once.


Thats it, you can now box as many characters as you like on any Truebox EverQuest server, including Mangler, and Selos.


This guide will teach you how to run MySEQ, and update it on patchdays for EverQuest, it will work on all servers such as Mangler, Selos, Agnarr, Phinigel and all normal servers.

- MySEQ is not created by, we just simply release offset updates on patch days for anyone looking for it.


First Step - Download MySEQ Client from the link below:


1. Upzip your MySEQ download anywhere you like on your computer or Virtual Machine.

- Your folder should look something like this:


1a. Check to make sure you have the latest offsets for the MySEQ server.

- Open up myseqserver.ini (You can open it with notepad)



1b. Once you have opened up the configuration file, scroll down until you see [File Info]

This will show you the patch date. You can check the latest offsets here:

- If it needs to be updated simply overwrite it, save & close.


Second Step - Run MySEQ


2. Now that MySEQ is updated for the latest patch, its time to run it.

- Run EverQuest, and when in game. Simply double click on server.exe.

- A box will come up that looks like this:



- if Patch states the latest patch, you are ready to go on to the next step. If it shows another date you will need to exit, and make sure your myseqserver.ini is setup correctly.


3. Run MySEQ - Now since your server is now running, you can now run MySEQ.exe.

- Once MySEQ has fully opened/launched, all you need to do is hit Go. 



4. Congratulations you now have a EverQuest Map Hack! You can now view any, and all players, monster locations, and much more!



for Live & TLP Servers including Coirnav, Phinigel, Agnarr, Selos, and Mangler






AFKCleric for TLP Servers will allow you to have a fully automated cleric! This bot will autoheal all your groupmembers when needed, then sit to regenerate mana after the heal lands all without even lifting a finger! Only have one member in your group? No worries! AFKCleric will autodetect how many groupmembers are in your group and will adjust accordingly! All you need to do is simply enter the character names that are in your group in the bot!




AFKCleric's Current Features:

  • Autotarget groupmembers.
  • Autoheal all groupmembers
  • Heals yourself (Cleric) when low.
  • Autosits after healing.
  • Detects how many members are in your group.
  • Complete AFK Bot.
  • Works on all TLP servers including Coirnav! Access Request

If you have purchased, and have not received access, please use the form below and access will be granted shortly. Thanks!


for Live & TLP Servers including Coirnav, Phinigel, Agnarr, Selos, and Mangler






Did you love the old MQ2Stick for EverQuest? Well EverStick is made to recreate that experience for all TLP Servers! It will allow you to Stick to any target, and it will Autoface your toon to your target! EverStick also has a new mode that will allow you to permanently Stick to a target such as your main toon, and then they can target other NPCs etc to cast spells or abilities! EverStick is the ultimate companion for boxing on EverQuest TLP Servers!



EverStick Current Features:

  • Can Stick to any NPCs/PCs in game
  • Permanently Stick to any Target!
  • 100% Better than the ingame /follow
  • HotKeys to Use Stick in game
  • AutoFaces your character to your Target
  • Perfect for Boxing Melee Classes
  • Works on all TLP servers including Coirnav!