Access Request
notabotcan anyone poin t me in the direction of the vm set up or truebox by pat method. getting back into eq and i saw it before but now i cant find it anywhere(16.01.2022, 00:36)(00:36)0
abysskeq@maswift You can disable warp on the overlay or in the app if your stuck, click that then try. Should work(07.01.2022, 18:36)(18:36)0
maswiftWhenever I teleport I'm unable to move. I use instant cast items like jboots as directed but then my character is just stuck in place. Illusions, ducking, mounts, etc dont work. I have to close the EH client to be freed. Any suggestions? (06.01.2022, 20:39)(20:39)0
abysskeqYep works on multiple PCs(31.12.2021, 20:17)(20:17)0
ZeexNevermind, figured it out, it does :)(31.12.2021, 05:32)(05:32)0
ZeexDoes EQBot work over multiple computers or does it strictly work with VMs?(31.12.2021, 05:18)(05:18)0
abysskeq@228syc You should have access now (23.12.2021, 03:54)(03:54)0
228sycim getting access denied when trying to open article 5(22.12.2021, 19:24)(19:24)0
abysskeq@Mattp786 PM Sent(12.12.2021, 16:06)(16:06)0
abysskeq@temowat Make sure you download the latest build(12.12.2021, 16:06)(16:06)0
Mattp786By been here for years, I mean we played together as teens(12.12.2021, 06:51)(06:51)0
Mattp786Abyss It has me locked out of Everhack etc, I have a couple accounts and im not sure which is linked to what. Ive been here for years. This is *Edited out, don't put  your char names out :D*  . Can you send me something in discord or help me fix my account permissions.(12.12.2021, 06:48)(06:48)0
abysskeqAll programs EQBoT/EverHack/EverStick/EverGhost have been updated to the latest patch, make sure you download the latest builds in the member section (11.12.2021, 09:56)(09:56)0
aa8562680EverHack No effect today 。On the 10th, EQ seems to have updated a patch.(11.12.2021, 08:23)(08:23)0
Pman359there were new offests(11.12.2021, 03:46)(03:46)0
Pman359showeq with new offsets not bringing up any mobs or maps?(11.12.2021, 02:26)(02:26)0
FurorhunterGetting mysql errors? Unable to connect to mysql hosts. Any idea?(09.12.2021, 12:49)(12:49)0
abysskeqAll programs have been updated for the latest EverQuest Patch! Ready to use on the new expansion unlock Planes of Power on Mischief/Thornblade!(08.12.2021, 11:53)(11:53)0
abysskeqThere is a way to make VM work,  however its not suggested due to performance etc(03.12.2021, 22:00)(22:00)0
Mattp786Does anyone have a link on how to install VMWare and Make it work for progression servers?(01.12.2021, 06:13)(06:13)0
AbysskeqWorks, everything is fully updated for the patch :D(20.11.2021, 18:02)(18:02)0
paradigmOr emergency maintenance, at least(20.11.2021, 02:57)(02:57)0
paradigmUgh they just did a patch again... anyone know if its still working with Abyss' most recent update?(20.11.2021, 02:56)(02:56)0
vgmaster300Is there a way to change how close the toon sticks with EverStick? I was hoping to use it on my melee to make it keep them in melee range, but they stay too far away to attack.(20.11.2021, 02:03)(02:03)0
abysskeq Fixed, it should be on there now in the member section(19.11.2021, 22:56)(22:56)0
Marcelwhere do i find the Dev Build 1, there is a Dev Guild 2 but no 1?(19.11.2021, 22:42)(22:42)0
abysskeqAll Products have been updated for the latest EverQuest Patch (19.11.2021, 22:01)(22:01)0
mozach420THANK U ABYSS FOR BEING THE BEST BOI(19.11.2021, 18:56)(18:56)0
abysskeqAll offsets done, just adding them all to the client and will post the update (19.11.2021, 18:44)(18:44)1
paradigmo.o(19.11.2021, 16:56)(16:56)0
paradigmawesome(19.11.2021, 07:26)(07:26)0
abysskeqUpdate almost finished (19.11.2021, 05:41)(05:41)0
MarcelHow long before updates for the last patch?(18.11.2021, 23:09)(23:09)0
paradigm@abysskeq how we looking on update post-patch?(17.11.2021, 23:07)(23:07)0
abysskeq@wangus When it freezes just hit alt+enter on p99, and your good to go.(07.11.2021, 16:32)(16:32)0
WangusAnyone know ho to fix that?(07.11.2021, 16:15)(16:15)0
WangusMy game freezes everytime I open kenetix quests on p99(07.11.2021, 16:15)(16:15)0
abysskeq@gewblin Im actually installing windows 11 now, so will test it out (06.11.2021, 17:57)(17:57)0
abysskeq@metsu You can use a macro command to do all that auto:, 17:56)(17:56)0
Gewblin@abyss - Any word on updates for Windows 11?(04.11.2021, 21:08)(21:08)0
Metsuwill my melee toon auto assist the MA, or do i need to send the toon a command to do so ? (28.10.2021, 15:06)(15:06)0
AbyssNew Dev Build has been posted for EverHack (23.10.2021, 18:57)(18:57)0
abysskeqTry it now, should be working with the latest patch now. (22.10.2021, 23:25)(23:25)0
paradigmLike 20 minutes before you posted it was updated again, awesome timing on dbg's part /s(22.10.2021, 23:07)(23:07)0
FurorhunterThey just patched again like 5pm EST Abyss, your latest update doesnt work(22.10.2021, 23:06)(23:06)0
aa8562680NO  D(22.10.2021, 22:46)(22:46)0
aa8562680EverHack 3.6c - 10 - 21- 2021.zip21-10-2021 17:58:461.33MB(22.10.2021, 22:46)(22:46)0
aa8562680Still unusable!(22.10.2021, 22:43)(22:43)0
abysskeqMake sure you download the latest build from the members section (22.10.2021, 22:29)(22:29)0
abysskeqUpdated for the latest patch :D(22.10.2021, 22:29)(22:29)0
FurorhunterThey just pushed another new client, we may never be able to use this again at this rate lol(22.10.2021, 21:29)(21:29)0
Mattp786Hows it coming?(22.10.2021, 18:01)(18:01)0
paradigm@abysskeq I'm sure you're super excited to redo this again the next day.. any idea when EverHack will be updated again? Appreciate ya.(22.10.2021, 17:40)(17:40)0
paradigmLol it didn't even fix TLs(22.10.2021, 16:11)(16:11)0
BloodF15Erip(22.10.2021, 14:09)(14:09)0
FurorhunterThey did another client patch last night after doing one the day before, making the current build not work again.  So it needs to be fixed by abyss again.(22.10.2021, 12:29)(12:29)0
MarcelI also just reinstalled the patch for 10/21/2021 and it does'nt work???(22.10.2021, 04:51)(04:51)0
BloodF15EHmm, just reinstalled the new hotness but no worky(21.10.2021, 22:59)(22:59)0
paradigmWooo! Thanks @abysskeq :)(21.10.2021, 18:09)(18:09)0
abysskeqAll programs have been updated to the latest patch 10/21/2021(21.10.2021, 18:06)(18:06)0
paradigm@abysskeq new build for EverHack today? :D(21.10.2021, 15:41)(15:41)0
abysskeq@mdr87 Yep you can view more information about on the new wiki, 17:38)(17:38)0
mdr87Nevermind, disregard last message, should have looked around a bit more. Found an answer that makes sense. Feel free to delete(20.10.2021, 08:13)(08:13)0
abysskeq@IG88 Access done (20.10.2021, 07:39)(07:39)0
RespawnYou guys got anything for Boxing on True Box server ? TLP(20.10.2021, 03:04)(03:04)0
IG88Need access turned on for everhack plz(18.10.2021, 23:14)(23:14)0
abysskeqYes they all do (09.10.2021, 00:11)(00:11)0
johnny5live420do these work on zek if so ill buy(08.10.2021, 23:47)(23:47)0
abysskeqAccess done (02.10.2021, 05:46)(05:46)0
grithmalaccess please for all(30.09.2021, 21:48)(21:48)0
EarshModeHey, Abyss, are you here(29.09.2021, 08:59)(08:59)0
abysskeq@acepowell Check your PMs (25.09.2021, 04:57)(04:57)0
abysskeq@cmcalabrese1 For EQBoT you don't need to redownload every patch, only time you would need to redownload is when I release a new build (19.09.2021, 17:26)(17:26)0
abysskeq@cmcalabrese1 You would need EQBoT + Stick(19.09.2021, 17:26)(17:26)0
cmcalabrese1and 1 more newbie question, does eqbot automatically update or do i need to do something every patch/update(18.09.2021, 03:01)(03:01)0
cmcalabrese1For eqbot, in order to get a melee box to get to the target and stick to it while attacking do i need eqstick?(18.09.2021, 03:01)(03:01)0
Frankdog99nice(16.09.2021, 08:43)(08:43)0
abysskeqAll programs updated to the latest EverQuest Patch 9/15/2021 (16.09.2021, 08:42)(08:42)0
gamebearossAbys, what is the ETA to the update?(16.09.2021, 04:53)(04:53)0
gamebearossThis having to log in multiple machines to box is really stupid.  It doesn't do anything but increase energy costs.(16.09.2021, 04:52)(04:52)0
megladontvAny chance for an update today @abysskeq?(15.09.2021, 21:06)(21:06)0
paradigm:)(15.09.2021, 20:04)(20:04)0
paradigmGunna have an update for us ahead of GoD drop by chance?(15.09.2021, 20:04)(20:04)0
abysskeqI wouldnt recommend VMs, I personally use 6 laptops for Mischief(12.09.2021, 18:37)(18:37)0
SafefallDidnt that get patched?(11.09.2021, 22:33)(22:33)0
nomad31Any good guides on using a VM on a TLP server?(11.09.2021, 15:35)(15:35)0
abysskeq@mustybags as long as you don't do intentional things like warp in front of raids, speed etc. You will be fine (04.09.2021, 16:29)(16:29)0
mustybagsHow detectable is all the stuff everhack does? I have wanted to get it, but I don't want to use it only to get banned because I did something stupid that I didn't know was monitored closely.(03.09.2021, 14:50)(14:50)0
abysskeq@Safefall Yes it does :D(01.09.2021, 19:20)(19:20)0
SafefallDo these work on the TLP servers?(01.09.2021, 11:16)(11:16)0
platinumuserabysskeq working, thanks! (24.08.2021, 08:25)(08:25)0
Frankdog99everstick is godly, if you don't have it, get it =)(24.08.2021, 04:12)(04:12)0
abysskeq@platinumuser Download the latest build 3.6b (23.08.2021, 16:32)(16:32)1
abysskeq@Frankdog99 Fixed :D(23.08.2021, 16:32)(16:32)0
platinumuserafter everhack update on 1 pc have message ''This up can't run on your PC'' running as admin, defender disabled uac is low(22.08.2021, 10:11)(10:11)0
Frankdog99eta on everstick update?(22.08.2021, 04:59)(04:59)0
abysskeq@stratos PM sent (21.08.2021, 00:37)(00:37)0
StratosRequesting access to Everhack! lost it when downloading 3.6a for som reason(20.08.2021, 19:16)(19:16)0
abysskeq@platinumuser fixing it now (20.08.2021, 16:17)(16:17)0
platinumuserEverstick not updated?(20.08.2021, 04:51)(04:51)0
paradigmThank you sir (19.08.2021, 20:13)(20:13)0
abysskeqNew EverHack 3.6a is now available for download, updated to the latest patch and also fixed Teleport to Target You can download the latest build in your member section(19.08.2021, 18:50)(18:50)0
Audacious93cYa, I was noticing it last night. Just asked if he was working on a new build in discord for some of its wonkiness(19.08.2021, 16:57)(16:57)0
paradigmLooks like Teleport to Target isn't functioning with EverHack now.. anyone else experiencing this?(19.08.2021, 14:50)(14:50)0
abysskeq@shaolin, 09:01)(09:01)0
ShaolinWhere to get the new offsets? Don't see any MySEQ section on the new Discord.(18.08.2021, 17:36)(17:36)0
abysskeqNope it’s up, and running make sure you update to the latest version (10.08.2021, 16:04)(16:04)0
Stratoseverhack down?(09.08.2021, 18:53)(18:53)0
abysskeqNew discord server!, 17:09)(17:09)0
abysskeq@Dcrypt Yes it will work on all healing classes (09.08.2021, 16:25)(16:25)0
DCryptWill AFKClerics logic apply to Shammy/Druid healing as well?(08.08.2021, 17:46)(17:46)0
abysskeqDiscord is being updated atm :)(07.08.2021, 14:46)(14:46)0
swiftyWhats the discord channel link plz(06.08.2021, 12:11)(12:11)0
abysskeq@puntsize Thats correct (06.08.2021, 04:07)(04:07)0
abysskeq@Dcrypt You can create custom commands, and also your not limited to just tells, you can use your own chat channels, fellowship, and group chat.(06.08.2021, 04:06)(04:06)0
DCryptSince EQBot functions off chat commands wouldnt GM's just ban those who use the chat commands? Not seeing how this is 100% safe?(05.08.2021, 21:28)(21:28)0
puntsizeOk thanks Abyss, so just do be clear, I can control all casters fairly easily with macros setup from my primary character?(05.08.2021, 20:05)(20:05)0
abysskeq@puntsize Take a look at thats what EQBoT offers, only 100% completely automated bot is afkcleric/autohealer.(05.08.2021, 08:23)(08:23)0
puntsizeSo just auto healing, no other automated play?(05.08.2021, 03:11)(03:11)0
jj429cool cool(04.08.2021, 22:01)(22:01)0
abyssk@jj429 Just a little bit, I’m setting up some new things with a new discord (04.08.2021, 22:00)(22:00)0
jj429We're back to using this chat for good or just a little bit?(04.08.2021, 21:56)(21:56)0
abysskeq@puntsize With AutoHealer which you get with the purchase of afkcleric, healing classes will cast heals automatically, sit etc. Real simple to setup, with auto pixel detection.(04.08.2021, 21:54)(21:54)0
abysskeq@mk128 They don’t see you moving at all, you basically become invisible.(04.08.2021, 21:53)(21:53)0
mk128What do other players see while everghost is in use?(04.08.2021, 20:52)(20:52)0
puntsizeDo the casting classes cast automatically and melee attack automatically?   Tried to join the discord but it was down.(04.08.2021, 17:57)(17:57)0
abysskeq@lenon Yep(04.08.2021, 14:38)(14:38)0
LenonDiscord is down ?(04.08.2021, 13:44)(13:44)0
abysskeqNew KenetixQuest update for Project 1999 Green & Blue has been posted You can download it in your member section!(04.08.2021, 09:06)(09:06)0
abysskeqNew EverHack v3.6 is now available for download! Lots of new bugfixes, and updates.(04.08.2021, 08:54)(08:54)0
abysskeq@puntsize Yes they work great to box on all TLPs including Thornblade & Mischief.(04.08.2021, 04:39)(04:39)0 now has a new chat server!(04.08.2021, 03:11)(03:11)0
puntsizeHey guys, returning player here that use to run MQ back in the day.  Looking to box 4-6 on mischief, are these programs comparable/safe?(02.08.2021, 16:58)(16:58)0
NeonknightGreat Work Abyss(22.07.2021, 22:38)(22:38)0
GimpySimply amazing ty(22.07.2021, 14:08)(14:08)0
abysskeqAll Products have been updated to the latest Patch 07/21/2021 (22.07.2021, 10:00)(10:00)0
GimpyAlso, are we going to have to download a new client or will ours update by themselves?(22.07.2021, 06:34)(06:34)0
Gimpy@abyss oh so this is out of commission til you update it. Np, thanks for all the hard work you put into this!(22.07.2021, 05:58)(05:58)0
abysskeq@jesapup Working on updates now :D(21.07.2021, 17:45)(17:45)1
jesapupwhere do i find the download for the lastest patch?(21.07.2021, 00:02)(00:02)0
abysskeq@ Moraeulf 3.4 is the latest build for EverHack(04.07.2021, 12:46)(12:46)0
Abysskeq@Anst4779 Warp to target hot key is Numpad9(04.07.2021, 12:41)(12:41)0
abysskeq@platinumuser Admin rights will prevent speed from working, if you are already running as admin make sure UAC isnt set to high.(03.07.2021, 10:01)(10:01)0
platinumusereverhack speed change working on 1 PC from 4, what can be the reason? all running as administrator(02.07.2021, 22:27)(22:27)0
abysskeqThat’s correct, everything is tied to your username now (02.07.2021, 22:07)(22:07)0
renzlerNo password required to log in to 3.4?(02.07.2021, 14:07)(14:07)0
abysskeqNew EverHack update v3.4 is now available for download!(02.07.2021, 00:10)(00:10)0
abysskeq@Thestig Make sure in your EQBoT.ini (config file) you don't have any # only the number of the spell you want to cast.(28.06.2021, 19:39)(19:39)0
ThestigSo New setup, when sending a simple dps command to the box it just opens up a new eqbot instance or do something wierd.. any help pls(27.06.2021, 16:59)(16:59)0
renzlerNvm I already had eq running.(23.06.2021, 02:26)(02:26)0
renzlerI was able to install on several of my boxes but on one of them I am getting a MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException. Any easy resolution for this?(23.06.2021, 02:22)(02:22)0
abysskeqJust 1, and you can run it on as many PCs as you have :)(22.06.2021, 03:39)(03:39)0
pengyIf I want to box a group of characters do I need multiple licenses of eqbot or just 1?(22.06.2021, 00:52)(00:52)0
abysskeq@Kertaro Aye I put out a update, and fixed the mount levitate :D(18.06.2021, 18:47)(18:47)0
Kertaroalso my levitate works again on mounts.. yay!(17.06.2021, 02:20)(02:20)0
Kertarook nevermind about the MySEQ.... just seen discord lol(17.06.2021, 02:16)(02:16)0
Kertarothanks and grats on that @abysskeq . btw does MySEQ need to be updated again for the offests? it seems to have stopped working for me again...(17.06.2021, 02:15)(02:15)0
abysskeqEverHack has been updated for the latest patch 6/16/2021!(16.06.2021, 20:46)(20:46)0
Guest@Athous PM sent(16.06.2021, 20:45)(20:45)0
AthousAbyss been reading PMs lately? Sent a few with some questions.(16.06.2021, 13:10)(13:10)0
abysskeqNo it doesn’t :)(15.06.2021, 16:14)(16:14)0
ChromedomeDoes eqnodoors require you to have everhack running?(13.06.2021, 17:27)(17:27)0
Kertaromost welcome(08.06.2021, 01:18)(01:18)0
C0urtn3yL0v3yes it did just tried it, thank u very much my friend!(08.06.2021, 01:17)(01:17)0
Kertarodid it start working?(08.06.2021, 01:15)(01:15)0
C0urtn3yL0v3ok thanks (08.06.2021, 01:15)(01:15)0
Kertarodownload of what? also running it in admin mode? right click icon and run as administrator(08.06.2021, 01:09)(01:09)0
C0urtn3yL0v3hey guys im new and just finished the download, but cant get it to initiate in-game after i put all info in on directory, any help for a new member will be appreciated(08.06.2021, 01:05)(01:05)0
Kertarohey no worries that is a reason we are all here right. to get amazing products and help each other right(06.06.2021, 16:48)(16:48)0
ChromedomeThanks for the help(06.06.2021, 16:47)(16:47)0
Kertaroas far as i know they are good to go on all servers(06.06.2021, 16:47)(16:47)0
ChromedomeThankyou very much. One more question.. Please excuse the noob here.  Are these detectable on a live server and if so which ones so I can avoid those specific hacks.(06.06.2021, 16:46)(16:46)0
Kertaro@chromedome if you scroll down on the website here there should be a members access and under that will be eqbot with a username and password that is unique to you and that is what you use i do believe(06.06.2021, 15:37)(15:37)0
ChromedomeNew user here. Does EQbot use your login for the website? I also created a password for the Everhack but neither seem to let me launch EQbot it says my username or password are incorrect.(06.06.2021, 15:02)(15:02)0
Kertaroglad to hear it and sorry had to bring bad news.. to ya.. i so do love using the program(04.06.2021, 21:51)(21:51)0
abysskeq@kertaro Fixing it up (04.06.2021, 17:09)(17:09)0
Kertaro@abysskeq that is correct it is really weird... i have now tried it on coirnav as well and it is the same result(03.06.2021, 15:58)(15:58)0
abysskeq@kertaro Changing Mount Speed works, but levitation doesnt for you? let me take a look :D(03.06.2021, 15:31)(15:31)0
Kertaroanyone else having issues with mount levitation not working? mount speed works... character levitation works.. just not mount...(02.06.2021, 21:54)(21:54)0
abysskeqYes it does (02.06.2021, 06:50)(06:50)0
Krawk101Does this work on Live servers? Such as Tunare.(02.06.2021, 03:17)(03:17)0
GuestAll programs are updated to work on Mischief, and thornblade servers (28.05.2021, 02:20)(02:20)0
abysskeq@Spripoint No it does not, purely reads off of the pixels on the screen.(26.05.2021, 18:08)(18:08)0
AthousJust did the everhack lifetime thing. Now showing up though on my member access and also antivirus seems to be picking up something.(26.05.2021, 13:54)(13:54)0
SpripointDoes AFKCleric inject anything into the game?(25.05.2021, 18:11)(18:11)0
abysskeq@googler118 Great! Make sure you check out the guide/youtube video it will show you how to prevent getting stuck (25.05.2021, 04:34)(04:34)0
Googler118finally got it up and whatnot, running as administrator but every time i teleport I end up stuck(24.05.2021, 22:16)(22:16)0
abysskeqAll programs are updated for todays patch including EverHack (20.05.2021, 09:21)(09:21)0
abysskeq@gimpy Yes it does (20.05.2021, 09:20)(09:20)0
GimpyDoes AFKCleric work on a druid too?(19.05.2021, 02:03)(02:03)0
abysskeq@bokus18 EQBoT + EverStick(10.05.2021, 15:37)(15:37)0
bokus18Which program to use for being afk in group and let my toon auto attack?(08.05.2021, 14:14)(14:14)0
abysskeqFor EverHack its Numpad9, or you can use the Overlay.(08.05.2021, 06:47)(06:47)0
Anst4779Whats the command to warp to target?(07.05.2021, 23:14)(23:14)0
Anarose06Goodmorning(04.05.2021, 22:47)(22:47)0
Anarose06Newbie here..(04.05.2021, 22:47)(22:47)0
abysskeq@Gewblin Check the member section, you should have access  It’s updated for the latest patch, and will work on the new TLP.(04.05.2021, 04:26)(04:26)0
abysskeq@gewblin Discord link:, 04:24)(04:24)0
abysskeq@Audacious93c Access done (04.05.2021, 04:22)(04:22)0
Gewblin@abysskeq nevermind! Good to go!(04.05.2021, 03:52)(03:52)0
GewblinAlso, discord link is expired(04.05.2021, 03:40)(03:40)0
GewblinHi, I can't find where I download the ever hack client, I purchased lifetime membership a few years ago and am just now getting back into EQ(04.05.2021, 03:36)(03:36)0
Audacious93cAll the Speed buffs etc. work correctly, but the TP function is a bit wonky.  Ive gotten it to work on my main character, but it does the same thing at times.  (03.05.2021, 22:14)(22:14)0
Audacious93cWhen I use teleport stick command in everhack, even though I have everstick - it takes my character off in a different location entirely and then he just kind of "hangs" there.  What do I not have set up properly?(03.05.2021, 22:14)(22:14)0
Anst4779hello(02.05.2021, 18:24)(18:24)0
Audacious93cCan someone approve my request? >.<(29.04.2021, 22:13)(22:13)0
abysskeqAll Products have been updated to the latest Patch 4/22/2021(22.04.2021, 23:18)(23:18)0
paradigmHey Abyss! How's the update for April lookin?(22.04.2021, 14:51)(14:51)0
abysskeq@Dasman Hey, and your access is done (08.04.2021, 03:19)(03:19)0
Dasmanhello guys(08.04.2021, 02:49)(02:49)0
Guest@paradigm Hey, is that on EverHack?(03.04.2021, 19:29)(19:29)0
paradigm@abysskeq Getting a strange error on one of my boxes. "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application". No changes made to the system, worked fine as of yesterday, works fine on other boxes?(03.04.2021, 18:58)(18:58)0
abysskeqYou can join Discord here:, 02:26)(02:26)0
abysskeqNew EverHack update v3.3 available for download!(12.03.2021, 05:02)(05:02)0
abysskeq@Mole Its updated now(12.03.2021, 00:56)(00:56)0
abysskeqUpdated for Latest EverQuest Patch 3/11/21 - Simply run EverHack, and it will autoupdate(12.03.2021, 00:56)(00:56)0
MoleHow do you go about updating the client?  Not seeing anything on the client itself but I am prompted for new updates.(11.03.2021, 19:32)(19:32)0
paradigmMaybe tagging helps? @abysskeq :)(11.03.2021, 17:09)(17:09)0
paradigmAny ETA on updates following latest patch?(11.03.2021, 15:54)(15:54)0
abysskeq@Cryptoking I sent you a PM :)(11.03.2021, 03:45)(03:45)0
abysskeq@EQAddict it’s running EQBoT, and AFKCleric for automated group healing.(11.03.2021, 03:44)(03:44)0
temowatthats afkcleric(11.03.2021, 02:57)(02:57)0
EQAddictWhy does your youtube video show your bot healing automatically with EQ Bot?(08.03.2021, 21:56)(21:56)0
CryptoKingI just purchased ESP ...cant find the DL links(08.03.2021, 18:48)(18:48)0
CryptoKingAbyss you around?(08.03.2021, 18:47)(18:47)0
abysskeq@EQAddict You would use commands, in tell/say/chat channels/group etc(03.03.2021, 01:38)(01:38)0
EQAddictIs EQBot supposed to allow a shaman to do auto slows and heals as needed or do I need to tell commands?(02.03.2021, 14:02)(14:02)0
EQAddictI am running the latest version, I will try it again.(02.03.2021, 14:01)(14:01)0
abysskeq@kramsalot Hey it works at any level, any healing class, and yes you can choose what spells to cast (01.03.2021, 15:58)(15:58)0
kramsalotHey, I'm looking at picking up AFK Cleric - does it work at any level? Can you choose what heal it casts?(27.02.2021, 19:59)(19:59)0
abysskeq@EQAddict Hey, are your running the latest version in the member section?(26.02.2021, 23:16)(23:16)1
EQAddictAnyone else have issues with the follow and stop follow commands? Seems very flaky. The Stop sometimes sends my character in a full on backward run.(25.02.2021, 16:53)(16:53)0
abysskeqHey you can view the latest offsets here:, 00:07)(00:07)0
ShaolinWhere to get latest offsets for MySEQ?(22.02.2021, 10:21)(10:21)0
abysskeqAll Programs including EverHack is now updated for the latest EverQuest Patch 2/17/2021(17.02.2021, 22:35)(22:35)0
abysskeqUpdating everything for the current patch.(17.02.2021, 21:19)(21:19)0
GuestDiscord:, 15:11)(15:11)0
GuestAccess done (08.02.2021, 15:10)(15:10)0
MolePurchased, waiting for access to launcher(08.02.2021, 14:40)(14:40)0
TSPlayer62discord invite link is expired as well(08.02.2021, 07:10)(07:10)0
TSPlayer62How long does it typically take to receive member access? Just submitted my request after purchasing AFKCleric(08.02.2021, 06:58)(06:58)0
Falbenncan anyone help me with the parameters of sitting after a spell cast?  I am using largehealgroupmember1 and the bot targets and cast the spell but will not sit afterward?(06.02.2021, 22:31)(22:31)0
abysskeqEverHack updated for Luclin Release on Aradune/Rizlona! As well as all EverQuest Servers (06.02.2021, 20:03)(20:03)0
abysskeq@KaiZien EverClient is the launcher for EverHack for EQ Live, KenetixQuest for P99 etc(06.02.2021, 20:02)(20:02)0
abysskeq@XD215 Access Done (06.02.2021, 20:02)(20:02)0
XD215purchased :) how long does it take to gain access?(06.02.2021, 00:16)(00:16)0
Kaizienwhat is everclient? I have eqbot, afk cleric, but no idea what the everclient is(05.02.2021, 17:46)(17:46)0
abysskeq@singuk New offsets posted here:, 19:46)(19:46)0
abysskeq@temowat Send me a msg on Discord, also are you using the latest build? 3.2a, fixes alot of the issues.(23.01.2021, 19:38)(19:38)0
temowatwhen it does work it seems to fling you in the air, most of the time since patch it just isnt working for m(22.01.2021, 22:21)(22:21)0
temowatanyone else having issues with warp right now.(22.01.2021, 22:21)(22:21)0
SinGukWhen will the Map offset be up to date ? or am I just missing where it is ?(21.01.2021, 16:28)(16:28)0
abysskeqAll products have been updated to the latest EverQuest Patch 1/21/2021(21.01.2021, 12:39)(12:39)0
abysskeqKenetixQuest v3.2 Update Available for Project 1999 Servers(18.01.2021, 15:54)(15:54)0
abysskeqNew EverHack v3.2 Update Available for EverQuest Live, and TLP Servers(18.01.2021, 15:53)(15:53)0
AbysskeqYep, new update for AutoHealer for all classes coming this week :)(15.01.2021, 00:05)(00:05)1
markiewicz89Any update on the new AFKCleric? It's been a few months now.(10.01.2021, 04:01)(04:01)0
BAMFabyss, is the wowbot up and running yet?(31.12.2020, 07:13)(07:13)0
abysskeq@nadosorc sending you a PM now(24.12.2020, 15:41)(15:41)0
nadosorc@abysskeq I need member area access again. Not sure why it's not letting me in.(23.12.2020, 22:17)(22:17)0
abysskeq@nadosorc Make sure you download the latest version in the member section for the recent patch, your running a old build (23.12.2020, 04:06)(04:06)0
nadosorcHey abyss, getting the below error on everstick: (23.12.2020, 00:44)(00:44)0
abysskeq@jhays6933 Access is all good, I fixed KenetixQuest, and EQZone for you (22.12.2020, 02:44)(02:44)0
jhays6933also just purchased lifetime for kenetixquest but its not allowing me to open i thought it was instant if you bought it(20.12.2020, 16:25)(16:25)0
jhays6933does anyone know how to box on one pc on true box server(20.12.2020, 11:00)(11:00)0
jhays6933im sure your on it abyss but the eqzone username and pass is not working on my client =](20.12.2020, 09:50)(09:50)0
abysskeq@Calith I see your logged in successfully, read up on it will show you all the features, and how to use them (15.12.2020, 19:23)(19:23)0
CalithOk. So I bought a lifetime login from someone. I have no clue what I'm doing.(15.12.2020, 17:56)(17:56)0
abysskeq@jhays6933 Access fixed, and done (14.12.2020, 17:44)(17:44)0
jhays6933ok umm virus scan not letting me download(13.12.2020, 16:40)(16:40)0
jhays6933any way i can change what i purchased i realized i needed a different one for p99(13.12.2020, 16:37)(16:37)0
jhays6933still sais im not a member? just purchased everhack(13.12.2020, 16:23)(16:23)0
abysskeqAll products have been updated for the latest EverQuest Patch 12/09/2020(09.12.2020, 14:48)(14:48)0
abysskeq@Jeffice9009 Same PC support for multiple toons for EverHack will be in beta soon (09.12.2020, 14:47)(14:47)0
jeffrice9009Has ever back been updated where it can be used on multiple Accts through isboxer(09.12.2020, 01:59)(01:59)0
evolutionzhi guys, do you have a legit program that lets me 2 box aradune on 1 pc?(03.12.2020, 03:54)(03:54)0
abysskeqAll products have been updated for the latest EverQuest Patch 11/18/2020(19.11.2020, 02:33)(02:33)0
abysskeqHey, Access done  You can now login! Make sure you download the latest builds such as EverHack in the members section. (10.11.2020, 05:54)(05:54)0
aa8562680I can download the robot. I keep getting incorrect user names or passwords(10.11.2020, 04:59)(04:59)0
aa8562680Also cannot access the member. Say I'm not a member(10.11.2020, 04:57)(04:57)0
aa8562680 Purchased EverHack, EQBoT, EQZone, EverStick, AFKCleric, EverGhost, EQESP, EQNoDoors Lifetime Bundle

 but have no access

(10.11.2020, 04:57)(04:57)0
abysskeqEverHack for EverQuest Live, and KenetixQuest for Project 1999 has been updated!(06.11.2020, 20:19)(20:19)0
abysskeq@Ghz I noticed this bug, you can however turn on bank at npc and convert that way anywhere.(03.11.2020, 16:07)(16:07)0
GHz.Has anyone been able to successfully get the 'Convert Money' option to work in-game with KenetixQuest?(31.10.2020, 08:14)(08:14)0
abysskeq@boostordie EverClient 3.1g . You also now have access (25.10.2020, 20:19)(20:19)1
boostordieso which download do i need to run on adarune ?(25.10.2020, 20:16)(20:16)0
abysskeqAll products including EverHack has been updated to the latest EverQuest Patch - 10/21/2020(21.10.2020, 22:20)(22:20)0
abysskeq@Googler118 PM sent(20.10.2020, 21:47)(21:47)0
Googler118I was able to download the bot. I keep getting an incorrect username or password error. I logged in to my account on two pcs with the old info. I just changed my password also and it still won't grant access(15.10.2020, 18:30)(18:30)0
Googler118Purchased eqbot but have no access(15.10.2020, 16:27)(16:27)0
abysskeqNew EverHack update v3.1g is now available for download!, 21:47)(21:47)0
abysskeqNew Update: KenetixQuest v3.1g Build is now available for download!, 21:46)(21:46)0
abysskeq@Ndmx1000 Make sure you sign up for the launcher EverClient Launcher(09.10.2020, 19:28)(19:28)0
abysskeq@ndmx1000 Access done, check PM (09.10.2020, 19:24)(19:24)0
ndmx1000hey(09.10.2020, 19:23)(19:23)0
jaeeeI already have an ID/Pass(05.10.2020, 01:14)(01:14)0
Abysskeq@kramsalot slow is a custom command, you create it on the first tab. Make sure you use an identifier like #slow, or !slow(05.10.2020, 00:25)(00:25)0
Abysskeq@jaeee Access done, make sure you register a launcher ID/Pass here:, 00:24)(00:24)0
jaeeeaccess for everhack plz(04.10.2020, 22:15)(22:15)0
kramsalotHey Abyss, what's the command to tell the slave to cast slow? I can't find it referenced on the commands list. Can't find debuff command either.(03.10.2020, 21:24)(21:24)0
abysskeq@darkfisted Yes it is, and it works on Aradune (01.10.2020, 17:48)(17:48)0
DarkfistedEqbot still being updated? Working on Aradune???(01.10.2020, 04:23)(04:23)0
Monkhow to join the wow bot? any discord ?(26.09.2020, 08:21)(08:21)0
Monkhow to join?(25.09.2020, 15:09)(15:09)0
abysskeq@kritox 2.0 is almost ready for beta testing (25.09.2020, 13:05)(13:05)0
KritoxAny news about the AFKCleric update? @Abyss(23.09.2020, 14:06)(14:06)0
lemonizerhi was interested in eqbot for live servers, if i set it up correctly, it cna auto afk farm for me?(20.09.2020, 17:56)(17:56)0
abysskeqAll products have been updated for the latest patch 9/16/2020, you can download the updates in your member section (17.09.2020, 18:38)(18:38)0
abysskeqEverHack has been updated for the latest patch 9/16/2020 (17.09.2020, 17:42)(17:42)0
abysskeq@its4dinner Access done (17.09.2020, 17:42)(17:42)0
its4dinnerhave life time, requesting access please(17.09.2020, 16:43)(16:43)0
abysskeqNew EverHack v3.1e Build is now available for download!(09.09.2020, 01:14)(01:14)0
abysskeq@Cadderly1315 I sent you a PM (07.09.2020, 01:05)(01:05)0
abysskeqAccess done :)(07.09.2020, 01:04)(01:04)0
DevlinHWent ahead and bought Lifetime, access please! (06.09.2020, 07:42)(07:42)0
Cadderly1315OK just downloaded afkcleric read me notes have 2 more files to download did that installed them no info on what to do now to finish setting up the tutorial shows after you have started everything...VERY new to this...please help(05.09.2020, 23:23)(23:23)0
DevlinHRequesting access eqbot(05.09.2020, 01:16)(01:16)0
abysskeqAccess done (30.08.2020, 16:10)(16:10)0
00bern00brequesting access, just subbed(29.08.2020, 17:47)(17:47)0
tjaeverquestbotThank you!!!(29.08.2020, 16:15)(16:15)0
abysskeqHey, Discord link is: and access done (29.08.2020, 13:10)(13:10)1
tjaeverquestbotDiscord link is not working and no access (29.08.2020, 03:21)(03:21)0
abysskeqYou can use MySEQ, 11:37)(11:37)0
Lempois there a tracking hack?(27.08.2020, 20:06)(20:06)0
minghi(21.08.2020, 11:20)(11:20)0
abysskeq@Sargelovers Updated for latest patch, have fun in kunark (20.08.2020, 00:46)(00:46)0
abysskeq@linker Access done (20.08.2020, 00:45)(00:45)0
linkerany1 know how long acces thing takes?(19.08.2020, 21:36)(21:36)0
linkerso you cant run everhack you have to wait to activate account(19.08.2020, 21:20)(21:20)0
linkeri cant join discord..(19.08.2020, 21:18)(21:18)0
SargeloversAny luck on an update Abyss for the newest patch?(19.08.2020, 17:51)(17:51)0
abysskeqNew guide posted:, 00:40)(00:40)0
abysskeq@Access Done :D(16.08.2020, 23:33)(23:33)0
froggerhow do i get access once i bought?(15.08.2020, 20:41)(20:41)0
illslim2abyesskeq, I am here.(15.08.2020, 03:16)(03:16)0
abysskeq@Daladen yes it does (14.08.2020, 13:00)(13:00)0
DaladenDoes Everhack work on Rizlona Server?(12.08.2020, 16:09)(16:09)0
skankstarrAny chance you're going to make a ghost kill plugin like the old monk plugin? (11.08.2020, 12:52)(12:52)0
skankstarrAny chance you'(11.08.2020, 12:51)(12:51)0
DabenAny update on release date or website info??  (10.08.2020, 16:12)(16:12)0
abysskeq@markiewicz Its coming :D, @Mattp786 Make sure you run as administrator(08.08.2020, 05:08)(05:08)1
Mattp786@abysskeq I cant keep AFKCleric open, it keeps crashing.(06.08.2020, 02:14)(02:14)0
markiewicz89Any news about the AFKCleric update? @Abyss(03.08.2020, 22:40)(22:40)0
abysskeq@Wacky You can use it on as many PC's as you like (01.08.2020, 11:58)(11:58)0
abysskeq@drowfire Send me a message on discord, I can walk you through it, 11:58)(11:58)0
Guest@Valthonis I sent you a PM (01.08.2020, 11:57)(11:57)0
ValthonisOk, I remember a while back I purchased some lifetime stuff, but I can't remmeber what it was(30.07.2020, 21:28)(21:28)0
Drowfire@abysskeq yes,i am using laterst version.but cant even tell what causes the crashing.sometimes it runs for couple hours,than it crashes 4-7 times in a row,before it works again.(25.07.2020, 20:48)(20:48)0
WackyDo I need to buy this for EACH PC I'm using? I have 2 machines I run.(25.07.2020, 01:01)(01:01)0
abysskeq@drowfire using the latest version?(24.07.2020, 23:03)(23:03)0
Guest@dkone I saw your PM fixing it for you(24.07.2020, 23:03)(23:03)0
Drowfireanyone else having problems with everstick? it shutdowns EQ allot when hitting Z(24.07.2020, 13:22)(13:22)0
dkonehow does some one stop the acount?(23.07.2020, 22:41)(22:41)0
abysskeqHey, this  is the discord server:  (22.07.2020, 20:24)(20:24)0
Drowfirehello,anyone has discord link which works ?(20.07.2020, 22:01)(22:01)0
GuestAwesome, make sure you run as admin (right click EverHack.exe and run as admin)(17.07.2020, 20:22)(20:22)0
LempoNM, restarted it and it seems to be working(17.07.2020, 20:17)(20:17)0
Lempoany idea why nothing is working? only thing working is water breathing.. i downloaded the new one as prompted(17.07.2020, 20:15)(20:15)0
abysskeqHey @creative access done  Make sure you register your  own personal launcher login!(17.07.2020, 01:51)(01:51)0
Creativename01Hello. Waiting for access :)(16.07.2020, 23:28)(23:28)0
warblack999So the wow bot project is cancel? (13.07.2020, 04:36)(04:36)0
abysskeqHey access done (11.07.2020, 15:40)(15:40)0
condeezyAlso waiting for access.(11.07.2020, 00:56)(00:56)0
SiggieHi, i subscribed about 10 hours ago and just wondering how long it's going to take?(10.07.2020, 17:44)(17:44)0
abysskeqSure can, are you using the create your own macro for Charm breaks? You can use the fizzle section for recasting charm too(08.07.2020, 17:51)(17:51)0
Stratossince i can get the Eqbot to trigger when charm breaks it would be awsome to use it for recharm (07.07.2020, 08:59)(08:59)0
Stratoscan i run EQ bot when i only play 1 guy. For Recharm etc.(07.07.2020, 08:59)(08:59)0
Logisticz@abysskeq msgd you on your discord not sure if you were talking to me or nah but I never received a pm about eqbot automation (06.07.2020, 01:14)(01:14)0
LogisticzAh okay cool thanks !(05.07.2020, 20:06)(20:06)0
abysskeqYes there is, sending you a PM :D(05.07.2020, 20:03)(20:03)0
Logisticz@abyss so there's no way to get it to auto send pet or nuke without chat then?(05.07.2020, 20:01)(20:01)0
Guest@Logisticz Yep tells are lagging expecially when its primetime (EQ Servers are the worst atm) use group chat, or custom chat channels they work much faster.(05.07.2020, 19:54)(19:54)0
Guest@Stratos, and @Lempo Access done!(05.07.2020, 19:53)(19:53)0
LogisticzThanks abyss t hat helped. Just curious I'm trying to figure out EQbot. I'm starting to sorta get it with the tells/group messages. Is there any way to make it auto send pet when mobs are in camp or assist is in combat and also nuke? Or does it only function off of tells? I ask because on aradune tells are super lagged cause of server lag so by time it sends pet mob is dead (05.07.2020, 18:42)(18:42)0
StratosNeed access to Eqbot, ordered a few days a go. Have sent request but have not recived access yet. (05.07.2020, 08:02)(08:02)0
Lemponeed access to everhack pls and thnk you(05.07.2020, 02:09)(02:09)0
abysskeq@cgabel26 Not yet, new AFKCleric v2 is almost finished :D(02.07.2020, 22:23)(22:23)0
abysskeqSorry I had to increase VPS lol, EverHack has over 500 users online (02.07.2020, 22:21)(22:21)0
abysskeq@jaeee Your all good to use the latest ones on the forums (02.07.2020, 22:21)(22:21)0
CrystallizedI have the same problem. EverHack keeps saying "Too many connections" What's going on?(02.07.2020, 03:48)(03:48)0
Dunkfunk54 I had a problem with firewall blocking and shuting down the everhack, so i had to relogg several time, before i notice and disable the firewall(01.07.2020, 23:18)(23:18)0
Dunkfunk54I cant login EverHack, i get to many connections.(01.07.2020, 23:18)(23:18)0
jaeeeHeyooo do i need new offsets for todays patch for myseq?(01.07.2020, 22:30)(22:30)0
cgabel26Did the new version of AFKcleric make it out yet? My time for EQ has been limited in the last month heh(30.06.2020, 21:04)(21:04)0
LempoI bought it.. where do I download it(29.06.2020, 18:54)(18:54)0
abysskeq@Mattp786 You can access AFKCleric now :D(21.06.2020, 14:07)(14:07)0
Mattp786This is Futhum, Abyss..(20.06.2020, 21:34)(21:34)0
Mattp786I previously paid for AFCLERIC and its not showing me with it, I dont think(20.06.2020, 21:33)(21:33)0
abysskeq@Kookies automated healing, you can modify it for buffs etc. It works for all classes not just clerics (19.06.2020, 15:44)(15:44)0
KookiesWhat kind of functionality exists for AFKCleric? Just heal detection, or can it buff too?(18.06.2020, 18:09)(18:09)0
abysskeqAll products have been updated to the latest EverQuest patch 6/17/2020 (18.06.2020, 16:45)(16:45)0
ferretsk8ternvm I think I found it in the chat here!(16.06.2020, 05:19)(05:19)0
ferretsk8ter@abysskeq can you link me the channel? I cannot seem to find it anywhere sorry and thanks for your time! (16.06.2020, 05:17)(05:17)0
abysskeq@ferretsk8ter Depends, hop on discord and tell me more. I am thinking that EQBoT can already do that if your running a pet class(15.06.2020, 19:41)(19:41)0
abysskeq@markiewicz89 Working on v2.0 :D(15.06.2020, 19:40)(19:40)1
ferretsk8terSO I am new to p99 and have a fulltime job but I want to enjoy the game without the huge grind. Is there a nice safe free log file bot that just grinds in one area and grabs specific loot? I will pay of course if the program ends up working out for me!   (15.06.2020, 17:14)(17:14)0
nitzis there a leveling bot for classic wow?(15.06.2020, 00:41)(00:41)0
markiewicz89I thought there was suppose to be an update to AFK Cleric?(14.06.2020, 18:30)(18:30)0
zhongso hows the site coming along(14.06.2020, 14:51)(14:51)0
zhongAs others have asked, how do we preorder it?(14.06.2020, 11:24)(11:24)0
zhongHow to subscribe(14.06.2020, 11:11)(11:11)0
Malx@abysskeq ok thanks, sent a reply.(14.06.2020, 05:20)(05:20)0
tigerragrobback at you bro :-)(14.06.2020, 05:14)(05:14)0
abysskeq@Malx I sent you a PM :D(14.06.2020, 05:10)(05:10)0
abysskeq@Tigerragrob Check PM :D(14.06.2020, 05:07)(05:07)0
Malx@abysskeq so no go tonight? (14.06.2020, 04:56)(04:56)0
tigerragrob2 weeks and i go on vacation :-)(14.06.2020, 04:56)(04:56)0
tigerragrobsent you a reply(14.06.2020, 04:55)(04:55)0
abysskeqI sent you a PM(14.06.2020, 04:52)(04:52)0
tigerragroblooks like this wont happen today(14.06.2020, 04:03)(04:03)0
abysskeq@tigerragrob Yes thats my plan, been hard at work on it. Hopefully I can be on time with the WoW release(12.06.2020, 15:02)(15:02)0
abysskeq@Eo1234 Access Updated (12.06.2020, 15:02)(15:02)0
abysskeq@Sacia Access Done :D(12.06.2020, 15:02)(15:02)0
SaciaHi, I've never received enough information how to log in, my website credentials don't work :((11.06.2020, 21:11)(21:11)0
tigerragrobAbysskeq, is everything still a go for 6/13/20?(11.06.2020, 10:33)(10:33)0
abysskeqEQESP - Unrest Zone has been released, can view cool pictures here, 00:29)(00:29)0
abysskeqIf your running a older version of EverClient it will no longer work, you will need to update to the latest build (3.1a) as I had to do some server updates to fix the uploaded coords.(10.06.2020, 23:14)(23:14)0
abysskeq@Vitali Thats coming soon, have to fix some bugs on it first. @markiewicz89 In EQBoT where it says Stick Attack Settings => Enter Distance to Target try entering 0 here(10.06.2020, 23:12)(23:12)0
abysskeq@Markiewicz89 Fixed with the new update, you can download it in the member section (10.06.2020, 23:09)(23:09)0
abysskeq@JKennedy Access Done (10.06.2020, 23:09)(23:09)0
Jkennedypurchased eqghost when i try and open from everclient i get told no access(10.06.2020, 20:12)(20:12)0
markiewicz89Also, ability to upload waypoints seems to not be working with my account since the new update.(09.06.2020, 22:39)(22:39)0
markiewicz89So, I've been trying various inputs within the range on EQBot for StickAttack. Unfortunately, the issue I am having is the character will keeping running through the mob looking as if it is skipping. As in when you follow a pc/npc and continuously hold the forward movement key. I've got both EverStick and EQBot running as admin. Any idea as to what I am doing wrong or could you provide some insight, Abysskeq?(09.06.2020, 22:35)(22:35)0
VitaliIs there a way to assign which process EverHack attaches to? Or change it once it's attached?(09.06.2020, 21:24)(21:24)0
abysskeqMount Warping, and Mount Speed, and some other tweaks :D(07.06.2020, 20:28)(20:28)0
Mojoguy01=o what's it got?(07.06.2020, 18:04)(18:04)0
abysskeqNew Update for EverHack for EverQuest Live, and KenetixQuest for Project 1999 green & blue servers (07.06.2020, 17:41)(17:41)0
abysskeqAre you trying to use EverGhost within EverHack/Launcher?(06.06.2020, 18:42)(18:42)0
sweitzI can't seem to get everghost to work it comes back on login as nil(06.06.2020, 18:21)(18:21)0
abysskeqNew discord available! :, 15:40)(15:40)0
sweitzIs it possible to get a crafting bot that can craft everything in inventory(05.06.2020, 17:57)(17:57)0
ValthonisSo what is the issue with everstick actually not close enough to melee(05.06.2020, 16:56)(16:56)0
Voodoo@Abysskeq Friendly reminder, still waiting to hear from you(05.06.2020, 14:36)(14:36)0
abysskeq@Astraeus I just sent you a PM (05.06.2020, 13:30)(13:30)0
AstraeusOn average - how long does it take to get access after purchasing?(05.06.2020, 13:29)(13:29)0
abysskeq@mustybags nope, what issues are you having? Make sure you have the latest .net framework installed.(05.06.2020, 13:24)(13:24)0
abysskeq@Apparition You can "Warp" anywhere in a zone, and you can instantly zone into any connecting zones such as Rivervale -> Misty Thicket. You can't instantly zone from lets say Misty Thicket -> Plane of fear(05.06.2020, 13:24)(13:24)0
mustybagsAnyone else have an issue of logging into the program after being granted access?(05.06.2020, 00:05)(00:05)0
ApparitionOh, I guess it's not and my reading comprehension sucks.(04.06.2020, 16:11)(16:11)0
Apparition@abysskeq It's advertised as warping to any zone from any location, is that incorrect?(04.06.2020, 15:49)(15:49)0
abysskeq@Apparition Yep it lets you instantly zone to connecting zones. Such as Plane of Fear -> Feerrott(04.06.2020, 12:42)(12:42)0
VoodooJust messaged you back. Im online @abysskeq(04.06.2020, 06:27)(06:27)0
ApparitionUhhh does EQZone only let me warp to connected zones?(04.06.2020, 05:49)(05:49)0
ApparitionThanks for getting back to us!(04.06.2020, 05:05)(05:05)0
abysskeq@Iliketobot I sent you a PM(04.06.2020, 03:42)(03:42)0
abysskeq@Apparition Yes EQZone works on Aradune (04.06.2020, 03:40)(03:40)0
abysskeqSorry for the delay in discord being setup, I have been working on the new process selector for EverHack, and finishing up some WoW code.(04.06.2020, 03:39)(03:39)0
abysskeq@Arty You can look forward to trying out the WoWBot on 6/13 :)(04.06.2020, 03:37)(03:37)0
abysskeq@sneekyo You should be able to log in now (04.06.2020, 03:35)(03:35)0
abysskeqAccess done (04.06.2020, 03:34)(03:34)0
mustybagsSame(04.06.2020, 01:47)(01:47)0
Crystallized@abysskeq Sent you a PM.(04.06.2020, 01:47)(01:47)0
mustybagsso whats up everyone(04.06.2020, 01:00)(01:00)0
Arty23We are all in the same boat, I'm waiting for confirmation that the bot works/actively running then I'll throw all my money into it.(03.06.2020, 22:01)(22:01)0
Arty23Trinny your disc info doesn't work(03.06.2020, 21:59)(21:59)0
VoodooAnyone available to help? Ive had this thing downloaded for a week and can't get the most basic things to work. Responses have been extremely slow with an every other day response at best. I'm sure its busy with the new launch but I'm pulling my hair out. Maybe other members can help each other until the admins catch up? (03.06.2020, 18:49)(18:49)0
mustybagsAny admins on for access?(03.06.2020, 15:07)(15:07)0
tigerragrobwe will see 6/13(03.06.2020, 14:47)(14:47)0
Arty23I really want to believe in abyss but its being 8months waiting for this holy Grail bot, I don't know what to expect(03.06.2020, 14:46)(14:46)0
Arty23Whats the discord info?(03.06.2020, 14:08)(14:08)0
mustybagsAny admins on?(03.06.2020, 04:31)(04:31)0
tigerragrobdiscord up?(03.06.2020, 02:14)(02:14)0
Voodoo@abysskeq Waiting to hear back and sync up. Let me know(02.06.2020, 23:51)(23:51)0
heyitsmoei mean june(02.06.2020, 19:06)(19:06)0
heyitsmoeim not understanding this at all im so confused, so there isnt a wow afk bot tille may 13th?(02.06.2020, 19:06)(19:06)0
sneekyohello I bought kenetixquest but it wont let me log on(02.06.2020, 05:21)(05:21)0
IliketobotTried to use ever hack and getting username and pw error. Can I get that reset?(01.06.2020, 19:59)(19:59)0
ApparitionDoes EQZone work on Aradune?(01.06.2020, 19:15)(19:15)0
ApparitionOh I see what the problem was. (01.06.2020, 19:14)(19:14)0
ApparitionKeep getting invalid username/password error(01.06.2020, 18:50)(18:50)0
Alfarianso eqbot is working atm?(01.06.2020, 12:02)(12:02)0
eo1234Filled out form a few days ago for eqesp access, still need that.(01.06.2020, 10:56)(10:56)0
cgabel26New afkcleric or riot XD(01.06.2020, 06:52)(06:52)0
abysskeqCheck PM :)(01.06.2020, 02:01)(02:01)0
CrystallizedWhere can I go to start fresh with a new password?(01.06.2020, 01:51)(01:51)0
CrystallizedIt keeps saying "invalid username/password, or I don't have access"(01.06.2020, 01:51)(01:51)0
abysskeqI sent you a PM Crystallized(01.06.2020, 01:46)(01:46)0
CrystallizedI need to reset my password so I can get into EverClient. How do I do this? I can log into the website, because it remembered my password, but I can't get into the app.(01.06.2020, 01:08)(01:08)0
CrystallizedOr their password in general?(01.06.2020, 00:55)(00:55)0
CrystallizedHow does someone change their EverClient password?(01.06.2020, 00:53)(00:53)0
abysskeqNew discord server will be up later today or tommorow (31.05.2020, 17:21)(17:21)0
abysskeqNew WoW Site, and bot access for preordered WoW members will open 6/13/2020!(31.05.2020, 17:19)(17:19)0
ApparitionThanks!(31.05.2020, 17:19)(17:19)0
abysskeqNew WoW Site, and bot access for preordered WoW members will open 6/13/2020(31.05.2020, 17:19)(17:19)0
abysskeqNew WoW Site, and bot access for preordered WoW members will open 6/13/2020!(31.05.2020, 17:19)(17:19)1
abysskeq@Apparition Check your PM (31.05.2020, 17:17)(17:17)0
ApparitionCan I get registered please?(31.05.2020, 17:14)(17:14)0
abysskeqhaha, always busy. Over 284 active users on EverHack atm (31.05.2020, 16:53)(16:53)0
cgabel26Busy man today ;)(31.05.2020, 16:36)(16:36)0
abysskeq@Mojoguy01 Responded . Its coming soon hehe.(31.05.2020, 16:35)(16:35)0
Mojoguy01@Abyss, can you read the EverHack tab? :)(31.05.2020, 12:39)(12:39)0
Gewblin@abysskeq Just sent you a PM :)(31.05.2020, 04:14)(04:14)0
Malx@abysskeq can i get a refund for the wowbot preorder, i have moved on from wow(30.05.2020, 22:57)(22:57)0
VoodooBack at ya(30.05.2020, 22:55)(22:55)0
abysskeq@Voodoo I sent you a PM(30.05.2020, 21:45)(21:45)0
abysskeqMojoguy access Done (30.05.2020, 21:45)(21:45)0
Voodoo@Mojoguy01 Going on 3 days trying to get setup. Just takes em awhile. Worth it I hope when It all worked out(30.05.2020, 21:38)(21:38)0
Mojoguy01EverClient registration, how long does that take? Been here waiting for like 20minutes :I(30.05.2020, 21:16)(21:16)0
Voodoo@absskeq Back at you, looks like it dint go through the 1st time. Let me know if you dont see one now (30.05.2020, 18:02)(18:02)0
Guest@Voodoo I sent you a PM(30.05.2020, 17:17)(17:17)0
Antisocial86Hows the ban rate with this bot program?(20.12.2021, 03:38)(03:38)0
abysskeq@Mojoguy01 what client does shards of delaya use?(04.07.2021, 12:45)(12:45)0
abysskeqAccess all done (04.07.2021, 12:44)(12:44)0
Kertarowell can either go here and abysskeq will hopefully see it when they get on or can go to access request tab and let it be known on that tab which one you need access for...  and again abysskeq will get to it as soon as possible d3lak(16.06.2021, 01:22)(01:22)0
d3lakHi, just purchased how do I get  a login?(25.05.2021, 23:06)(23:06)0
TagDoes the afk cleric thing work for other healers or jsut a cleric?(05.01.2021, 05:35)(05:35)0
Mojoguy01Is there anything that works for Shards of Delaya (emu server) :) ?(03.01.2021, 12:34)(12:34)0
derbsbought everghost, but the login I was given doesn't work(24.12.2020, 05:03)(05:03)0
aa8562680I was able to download the bot. I keep getting an incorrect username or password error. I logged in to my account on two pcs with the old info. I just changed my password also and it still won't grant access
Also cannot access the member. Say I'm not a member
(10.11.2020, 04:25)(04:25)0
spanksLatest Everstick has a Trojan virus "Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.D6!ml". None of the previous builds get flagged for this. What's up with this?(27.09.2020, 16:43)(16:43)0
FalbennNeed Approved Please :)(26.09.2020, 14:46)(14:46)0
illslim2abysskeq, you there?(27.08.2020, 20:42)(20:42)0
edo0216I purchased subscription yesterday and never got any access to files or anything.  Am I missing something?(21.08.2020, 11:23)(11:23)0
illslim2abysskeq, I am here.(15.08.2020, 03:15)(03:15)0
swiftyPurchased Everhack and cannot login to EverHack(13.08.2020, 19:26)(19:26)0
propainedo i need to buy 3 copies of everstick to use on my 3 computers on tlp ?(01.08.2020, 19:35)(19:35)0
sushil33tAnyone available to walk me through setup? I have lifetime access for everstick and EQBot. Enabled logging on my alt account and have both programs downloaded and installed. Not able to get any commands running. (16.07.2020, 14:00)(14:00)0
SinisterJointHaving some issues with EQBOt crashing while im trying to set auto buffs. Can't make a list cause the crashing(08.07.2020, 12:58)(12:58)0
DoctoreAny idea when the new offsets will be available from the patch this week?(02.07.2020, 12:42)(12:42)0
yibianyone have a link to the discord server? The link that's in the request access page says its invalid.(23.06.2020, 18:42)(18:42)0
fauxfive55Which of the bots do you guys actually use? There's quite a few to choose from!(17.06.2020, 20:39)(20:39)0
tw1gyeah, you need to wait for new offsets(17.06.2020, 20:39)(20:39)0
DoctoreLooks like MySEQ isnt working for me now after the patch today(17.06.2020, 20:38)(20:38)0
fauxfive55I feel like with KA/MQ you really have to babysit it.  At least from a novice's point of few.  There's no environmental awareness...mob proximity etc.(17.06.2020, 20:38)(20:38)0
tw1gbiggest downside to eqbot is that all your commands are in the chat windows afaik, not out of game chat windows like with mq2(17.06.2020, 20:36)(20:36)0
fauxfive55That's a bonus.  Are they basically the same then otherwise?(17.06.2020, 20:35)(20:35)0
fauxfive55So you can use this on Aradune? Not sure you'd want to right now, but it's possible?(17.06.2020, 20:34)(20:34)0
SaciaYeah, can't MQ on TrueBox TLPs.(17.06.2020, 20:34)(20:34)0
fauxfive55I could be talking out my ass though.  Just started playing again after many years.(17.06.2020, 20:34)(20:34)0
fauxfive55You can use them on TLPs.  I think you can't use MQ on True Boxes if that's what you mean.(17.06.2020, 20:34)(20:34)0
SaciaSeeing as you cant use MQ2 on TLPs, pretty decent.(17.06.2020, 20:33)(20:33)0
fauxfive55how does this compare to macroquest/redguides? any opinions?(17.06.2020, 20:32)(20:32)0
CactusxxxPurchased EQbot , requesting access please(17.06.2020, 13:50)(13:50)0
Doctoreon aradune, but it wasnt working on Firiona Vei(13.06.2020, 23:16)(23:16)0
Doctoreoh wow nevermind it looks like its working now(13.06.2020, 23:16)(23:16)0
DoctoreYea i got the latest offsets from 5/21/2020, ran the server and it showed the correct update version.  loaded EQ, ran the myseq and clicked go, but it didnt list mobs or anything(13.06.2020, 23:14)(23:14)0
abysskeq, 20:11)(20:11)0
abysskeqYou also need to update the offsets(13.06.2020, 20:11)(20:11)0
abysskeqDid you run the server and the client?(13.06.2020, 20:11)(20:11)0
abysskeqYes it does(13.06.2020, 20:11)(20:11)0
DoctoreDoes it work on Aradune?(13.06.2020, 19:40)(19:40)0
Doctorehad it where it said connected, had client going, but once i clicked Go it never listed any mobs or showed the map i was in(13.06.2020, 19:29)(19:29)0
Doctorei cant get MySEQ to work, I followed the instructions exactly as described here: (13.06.2020, 19:28)(19:28)0
AstraeusAny admins around? Just purchased and the discord link isn't working.(05.06.2020, 01:42)(01:42)0
mustybagsAny admins around? Looking for access since I made my purchase(03.06.2020, 14:01)(14:01)0
aarchangelPurchased Everstick and need access please(03.06.2020, 11:49)(11:49)0
Ratan2020i cant get eqbot to work  i dont know if got new update  member access still notopen to me(03.06.2020, 07:56)(07:56)0
sneekyois there a leveling bot, that afk kills stuff?(02.06.2020, 01:41)(01:41)0
abysskeqAccess Done (31.05.2020, 16:32)(16:32)0
FreeloI purchased the lifetime bundle and still cannot access the member sections to download the updated programs(29.05.2020, 00:10)(00:10)0
sweitzI bought everhack downloaded the client says login from email inaccurate(18.05.2020, 04:34)(04:34)0
googlyjuanIs there any product line that offers something that ensures you never take aggro while killing stuff with a group?(17.05.2020, 14:24)(14:24)0
SoulsPurchases the AFKcleric but having issues getting it running consistantly, discord link doesnt work either, any help please?(07.05.2020, 17:10)(17:10)0
BoogeymonsirIs there a trial version of EQbot available?(05.05.2020, 17:13)(17:13)0
markiewicz89Purchased Lifetime Everstick. Need access.(29.04.2020, 06:11)(06:11)0
hasturwhat do I put in the spell fields for afkcleric? I tried the spell names and the gem number, neither works(28.04.2020, 04:50)(04:50)0
scumbagsPurchased everstick and would like access please!(27.04.2020, 23:27)(23:27)0
Trisalso need access(27.04.2020, 16:28)(16:28)0
Trishi, where is the howto for EQBot? Enter WoW Window Title = ?(27.04.2020, 16:28)(16:28)0
markiewicz89Purchased Lifetime Access EverHack - please give access. Cannot log in.(19.04.2020, 07:03)(07:03)0
memphistrewhat do you guys use for accessing your other pcs remotely with eq(11.04.2020, 12:23)(12:23)0
BurakAny1 on(29.03.2020, 16:09)(16:09)0
BurakHi(29.03.2020, 16:09)(16:09)0
StevenIs there a way we can do a Trial run on this program? to learn how to use it?(22.03.2020, 16:24)(16:24)0
StevenI just want to box so I can play this game. I am tired of going lfg all the time(22.03.2020, 16:19)(16:19)0
Stevencan you chat somewhere private please?(22.03.2020, 16:18)(16:18)0
abysskeqHey, unfortunately discord was removed, but its pretty simple to setup! You can also ask here, and I can answer (22.03.2020, 16:17)(16:17)0
Steveni am willing to buy a sub but i need someone to help me set up the program please. i am computer illiterate. what is our discord channel? i cant seem to join(22.03.2020, 16:16)(16:16)0
Darkfistedregistered and paid waiting for log in info still.(22.03.2020, 03:50)(03:50)0
Darkfistedafter paying how long does it take to get access?(22.03.2020, 02:43)(02:43)0
winstoneqghost still not working has not work at all since paid for it if not going work can we at trade it for one of other programs that does paying money for something that never work seem like con job and seems like 2 weeks is long enough that if cant get working should give us something or give us our money back(18.03.2020, 12:54)(12:54)0
JoedoolDoes anyone use EQStick? want to know how reliable it is for a melee box. Thanks!(16.03.2020, 00:38)(00:38)0
Mojoguy01Anyone tried seeing if ShadowPC doesn't get banned on truebox servers?(15.03.2020, 21:22)(21:22)0
dkonehell i just got a account and i cant log into member for some reason(12.03.2020, 02:01)(02:01)0
hairyon85need access on AFKcleric please(07.01.2022, 08:31)(08:31)0
desmondtwhI purchased AFKCleric. May I have access please?(06.01.2022, 22:33)(22:33)0
WaskaieNeed Access for EQNODOORS please(26.12.2021, 05:56)(05:56)0
CrondarAccess please(07.12.2021, 16:19)(16:19)0
muddflapI purchased AFKCleric. May I have access please?(17.11.2021, 02:34)(02:34)0
abysskeqAccess done (16.11.2021, 06:35)(06:35)0
gps1701Bought Everstick need access. Thank you(11.10.2021, 04:43)(04:43)0
DektPurchased AFKcleric, need access please(10.10.2021, 02:21)(02:21)0
r06ue1Need access for EQESP and EverGhost(05.10.2021, 16:23)(16:23)0
patrick78need access(01.10.2021, 19:41)(19:41)0
grithmalaccess for all please(30.09.2021, 21:49)(21:49)0
Gunda69access please(27.09.2021, 19:45)(19:45)0
abbazabbarooAccess Please :X(26.09.2021, 19:55)(19:55)0
Smitherzacess please(23.09.2021, 06:34)(06:34)0
GreyReq access(07.09.2021, 22:43)(22:43)0
abysskeqAccess Done (01.09.2021, 19:20)(19:20)1
Safefallaccess please, thx in advance(01.09.2021, 17:07)(17:07)0
djbighead10access please(21.08.2021, 14:49)(14:49)0
delibearAccess please(21.08.2021, 00:00)(00:00)0
abysskeqAccess done (13.08.2021, 07:43)(07:43)0
MJS68135Access please(11.08.2021, 23:15)(23:15)0
abysskeq@jhpipkin8889 Access done (05.08.2021, 19:31)(19:31)0
jhpipkin8889requesting access(05.08.2021, 16:08)(16:08)0
abysskeqaccess done (08.06.2021, 15:54)(15:54)0
Chromedomepurchased lifetime and its telling me incorrect name or password(06.06.2021, 06:47)(06:47)0
zypherrevpurchased the lifetime and eqbot login does not work yet(01.06.2021, 23:53)(23:53)0
abysskeqAccess Done (30.05.2021, 08:23)(08:23)0
bsquared169Also purchase EverHack. Please grant access. Thanks(26.05.2021, 16:09)(16:09)0
bsquared169Hi, I just paid for EQESP. May I have access. Thanks(26.05.2021, 05:19)(05:19)0
abysskeqAccess done (20.05.2021, 09:52)(09:52)0
evolution9211Purchased everhack, need access(19.05.2021, 16:20)(16:20)0
FizzeepopJust checking on access.  Purchased this morning(16.05.2021, 16:59)(16:59)0
abysskeq@Dekt You should have access :D(07.05.2021, 09:21)(09:21)0
DektStill need access, purchased lifetime a long time ago and no longer have access.(02.05.2021, 18:21)(18:21)0
Audacious93cSorry - missed this tab(29.04.2021, 22:14)(22:14)0
abysskeqAccess done :)(27.04.2021, 05:21)(05:21)0
hexonic@gmail.comneed access to eqbot(27.04.2021, 04:42)(04:42)0
abysskeq@Deonox PM sent (28.03.2021, 02:26)(02:26)0
DeonoxRequesting Access to EQbot paid(27.03.2021, 17:18)(17:18)0
tapsumbongrequesting access for KenextixQuest (paid)(11.03.2021, 21:09)(21:09)0
MoleLifetime Purchased, need access(08.02.2021, 14:54)(14:54)0
TSPlayer62Need Access to AutoHealer please(08.02.2021, 08:32)(08:32)0
csguy0Need Access Please!(20.01.2021, 21:08)(21:08)0
bluecactusNeed access please(23.12.2020, 02:52)(02:52)0
abysskeqAccess Done (12.11.2020, 17:44)(17:44)0
mitch112hello, access please(10.11.2020, 15:36)(15:36)0
teraskasiaccess for eqzone(15.10.2020, 00:50)(00:50)0
kenetixquestguess asked in wrong place i need access tokenetixquest(13.10.2020, 20:22)(20:22)0
skomaccess for everstick please. Already filled out request form.(08.10.2020, 19:13)(19:13)0
AbysskeqAccess done (02.10.2020, 19:48)(19:48)0
temowatneed access eqnodoors please(26.09.2020, 15:08)(15:08)0
FalbennNeed Access approved please :)(26.09.2020, 14:47)(14:47)0
forsythe20Awaiting access to lifetime purchase(19.09.2020, 03:17)(03:17)0
Kertarowaiting for access to lifetime bundle(03.09.2020, 08:32)(08:32)0
RubberguardHey, just bought Everghost and need access to launcher (31.08.2020, 12:48)(12:48)0
Gazoolooking for everhack access please(30.08.2020, 03:59)(03:59)0
mame0999Missing access to Everstick and EQnodoors, already used your request form(19.08.2020, 02:43)(02:43)0
abysskeqAccess Done :D(08.08.2020, 05:08)(05:08)0
MoraeulfHello, could I get access to EverClient - EQZone /EverHack it says user/pass invalid or I don't have access(07.08.2020, 17:28)(17:28)0
DanielFusHello, could I get access to EverClient - EQZone /EverHack  it says user/pass invalid or I don't have access(07.08.2020, 17:26)(17:26)0
rdyplayer1EQBoT lifetime purchased. Access needed please.(07.08.2020, 15:30)(15:30)0
Medic91afk cleric need access(07.08.2020, 02:44)(02:44)0
morxPurchased AFK Cleric please.(17.07.2020, 22:42)(22:42)0
ScumlordAccess to Everghost please(17.07.2020, 22:20)(22:20)0
ThuridGot EQBot and everstick. Still need access please.(13.07.2020, 16:39)(16:39)0
condeezyHello waiting for access for eqbot.(11.07.2020, 00:58)(00:58)0
abysskeqAccess done (08.07.2020, 17:51)(17:51)0
Lempohey Abyss can I get access to Everghost I bought yesterday.. pls and thank you(08.07.2020, 14:19)(14:19)0
Lempobought Everghost this morning still need access(08.07.2020, 00:07)(00:07)0
Lemporegistered, need access(05.07.2020, 13:01)(13:01)0
Lempoalso purchased Everhack need access(05.07.2020, 02:44)(02:44)0
abysskeqAccess Done :D(02.07.2020, 22:35)(22:35)0
kdv2eqbotPurchased Everhack. Need login info, which didn't come with the purchase for some reason. Please check your messages. I hope this doesn't take another 7 hours.(02.07.2020, 22:02)(22:02)0
Lemponeed access to eqbot.. if i like it ill buy the lifetime(29.06.2020, 19:08)(19:08)0
abysskeqAccess done (27.06.2020, 13:05)(13:05)0
ElinburgPurchased Lifetime, need access please(27.06.2020, 02:59)(02:59)0
Mirage828Access please for lifetime eqbot(26.06.2020, 10:43)(10:43)0
abysskeqAccess Done (25.06.2020, 13:45)(13:45)0
yibipurchased a couple days ago now.. still need access.(25.06.2020, 11:36)(11:36)0
yibipurchased lifetime eqbot - need access to member section please =)(23.06.2020, 18:44)(18:44)0
abysskeqAccess done (18.06.2020, 16:42)(16:42)0
Freelopurchased lifetime everbundle. Need access to member section to download. (29.05.2020, 01:19)(01:19)0
RubberguardNeed access to EQzone on the new client, have a life time(28.05.2020, 06:39)(06:39)0
aonneniasbought lifetime(28.05.2020, 00:33)(00:33)0
RubberguardNeed access to the new everhack client from my older lifetime bundle(27.05.2020, 23:14)(23:14)0
deppe0123Looking for access still. Purchased everhack lifetime subscription.(27.05.2020, 14:31)(14:31)0
FreeloAWESOME!! got access to everhack but still cant get to member access section. Idk if I didnt fill out the registration properly or not(27.05.2020, 08:32)(08:32)0
FreeloPurchased lifetime bundle, it says I've burchased the product on the website but still wont allow me to log into the client eqhack(27.05.2020, 07:47)(07:47)0
Freelocan I get access please(27.05.2020, 07:35)(07:35)0
VoodooAccess Please, thanks!!! I hope I filled things out correctly on the access page. Please advise. (27.05.2020, 05:22)(05:22)0
VitaliLooking to get access to my EverHack purchase. Thank you.(27.05.2020, 04:24)(04:24)0
sweitzbought everhack and autobot can't use(18.05.2020, 03:56)(03:56)0
leemotayNeed access to member area of everstick, please(11.05.2020, 21:35)(21:35)0
rockhurlerabyss - I need access to EQzone please(11.05.2020, 17:56)(17:56)0
BigJimBoFor eqbot(10.05.2020, 16:21)(16:21)0
BigJimBoNeed access plz. Not sure if my client is up to date, cannot get running.(10.05.2020, 13:44)(13:44)0
Cokaneed access to EQ Bot ty(03.05.2020, 16:43)(16:43)0
rypcguyneed access to everhack please(03.05.2020, 06:38)(06:38)0
tolanpurchased everstick, need access to everstick member section to get latest patch(02.05.2020, 23:13)(23:13)0
cgabel26@aybsskeq message below heh(02.05.2020, 07:02)(07:02)0
cgabel26Have Lifetime, but appears that I do not have access to Everhack? Using credentials that I log into site (don't see any credentials listed in Everhack memberaccess). @abyss(02.05.2020, 07:00)(07:00)0
swingburnneed access to eqnodoors plz(30.04.2020, 03:53)(03:53)0
hasturNeed Access(28.04.2020, 04:51)(04:51)0
scumbagsPurchased Everstick would like access please!(27.04.2020, 23:51)(23:51)0
redraider87Needing access for Kinetixquest please!(27.04.2020, 23:46)(23:46)0
riffyPurchased EQESP don't even see a section for it let alone access, tks(27.04.2020, 20:47)(20:47)0
markiewicz89Purchased Lifetime Access EverHack - please give access. Cannot login(19.04.2020, 10:28)(10:28)0
TonikolaHi, the username/password I got in my email from purchasing Kenetixquest is not working. How can I remedy this?(10.04.2020, 19:08)(19:08)0
menlatenI purchased EverHack (09.04.2020, 12:47)(12:47)0
tomdapomhey, purchased kenetix quest(05.04.2020, 19:41)(19:41)0
truthaddiction1Seeking access on purchase of everbundle.(03.04.2020, 01:43)(01:43)0
markiewicz89AFKCleric for TLP Servers - Lifetime Access Membership please(24.03.2020, 22:38)(22:38)0
DevlinHHey purchased eqbot waiting on member access(24.03.2020, 01:51)(01:51)0
jj429Don't have access yet(21.03.2020, 17:45)(17:45)0
abysskeqAccess done (20.03.2020, 08:56)(08:56)0
jj429Still requesting access to everhack/kinetixquest(17.03.2020, 16:38)(16:38)0
EvianHi there! Requesting access for everstick for TLP - purchased I think about an hour ago(15.03.2020, 23:04)(23:04)0
jj429Request access to everhack/kinetixquest(15.03.2020, 11:14)(11:14)0
dethvirusNeed access to nodoors please when you get a chance.(14.03.2020, 22:27)(22:27)0
zulab001abysskeq please check your messages I need access pls(12.03.2020, 23:07)(23:07)0
dkonehello i payed for eqbot but i can`t get into members to download.(12.03.2020, 21:02)(21:02)0
zulab001purchased everstick and everhack please give me access (12.03.2020, 00:48)(00:48)0
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