This guide will teach you how to bypass EverQuest's truebox code for boxing on any Progression server, this will allow you to box as many characters as you like on a single computer.

Important Note: This guide is made/updated using VMWare Pro 12.1.1, locations, and menu layout may be different on other versions.


First Step - Setting up VMWare, and hiding that you are using a Virtual machine from EverQuest


1. Install VMware Pro (I use version 12.1.1, but you can also use the free version of VMWare - DOWNLOAD)

1a. Create a virtual machine (VM)


1b. Few tips; when creating a new VM, you just need to make it as barebones as possible. 2 gigs ram and about 35 gigs of HD space per virtual machine should do you just fine.



2. Install EverQuest on the Virtual Machine.

3. Make special note of the name you chose for your virtual machine, you're going to need it later.

4. Go to this file path: Documents > Virtual Machines > Name of your new virtual machine > VMware virtual machine configuration file. Open the file in notepad.







5. Insert this line of code monitor_control.restrict_backdoor = "true"



6. Save and exit out of the VMware configuration file.


7. Start up your virtual machine.


8. Start up EverQuest, you should no longer get a message that you are using a virtual machine.

At this point it will allow you to run only 1x Virtual machine in EverQuest, and your normal EverQuest client. So you can now two box.


How to Box more than 2 characters on one computer, and as many as you like


1. Create as many VMWares as you want (# of how many you want to box). Use the above steps on each VMware you create.

2. On Each VMWare you need to change your MAC Address. This is very important.

Go to VM Tab -> Settings 


Click on Network Adapter -> Advanced



Click on Advanced Button

You should see a window like this:



You don't want to Generate a VM Mac address, while this will work. It can easily be detected that you are using a Virtual Machine.


Click here to Generate a 3rd Party Mac Address


Simply generate a few times, the more the better. Then grab your generated Mac address, and enter it in the Network Advanced Settings window you should have up.


Then press OK. (You will need to do this on every VM you generate)


Reboot your Virtual Machine Entirely, and you should be good to go. 


Bypassing Truebox Disconnects for Keypresses, and possibly more Virtual Machine Protection for your Characters


1. Install a VPN on each Virtual Machine, this will bypass the Disconnects you receive when you keypress too fast on multiple machines at once. 


2. A nice free VPN with a nice free data cap would be of course using a paid version would be faster, and better but this will get you going for free. If you are going the paid route, definitely shop around for some VPN deals as you can get lifetime, or yearly subs at a discounted rate sometimes. Just make sure the one you pay for you can use on multiple devices.


3. The free version of ProtonVPN unfortunately is locked for 1 device per account, but you could create a few accounts to circumvent this simply for Virtual machine use. So if you have 5 virtual machines, just create 5 accounts.

4. Once you have logged into the VPN, simply connect to the best server for you and log right into EverQuest, truebox free.
How to setup VPN with ProtonVPN
This is a guide for setup with ProtonVPN, other VPN's may have different settings.
Download ProtonVPN here:
Your ProtonVPN Client will look like this:
Simply log in, or create a new account. (If you are using the free version for all your Virtual Machines, make sure you use different email addresses each time)
If you select create a new account, your page will look something like this:
Select the Get Free it will ask you to enter your email address, go ahead and do that and then it will email you a code. Set that up.
Now on the next page you will see something like this:
Simply create your own username/password, and select complete. Then log into your ProtonVPN Client, and enter your username, and password and log in.
Simply select Quick Connect, and it will connect you to the fastest server closest to you. Now do this all on your other Virtual machines, and you are golden!
I only use ProtonVPN, as an example and its a good free alternative. If you are wanting to go the paid route definitely shop around for some good deals, as you can find great deals everywhere. Just make sure it supports multiple devices.
Fixing Virtual Machine, and EverQuest Quirks
- Mouselook Sensitivity issues
You can solve the crazy mouse issues by putting this line in your VM configuration file, same place you put the backdoor line of code.
vmmouse.present = "FALSE"
Other Tweaks
Increase your video cards VRAM to 64 instead of the default of 16.
svga.vramSize = "64000000"
Hide your VM from System Settings so it shows up as an actual PC. (Highly recommended tweak)
SMBIOS.reflecthost = "TRUE"
If you are still experiencing fast mouse turning movement inside of EverQuest you can do these changes:
Go to Edit, and then click on Preferences
Select Input from the new window that pops up, should look like this
Where it says Automatic
you will want to change it to Always
Then Select OK.
Your mouse issues will be fixed, but this will also lock your mouse inside of the Virtual machine, you will need to "release" your mouse if moving outside of the Virtual Machine.
Need more help? Check out our Discord and view our VMWare Discussions there is a vast amount of information there, and someone is always willing to help!