This guide will teach you how to bypass EverQuest's truebox code for boxing on any Progression server, this will allow you to box as many characters as you like on a single computer.


First Step - Setting up VMWare, and hiding that you are using a Virtual machine from EverQuest


1. Install VMware Pro (I use version 12.1.1)

1a. Create a virtual machine (VM)

1b. Few tips; when creating a new VM, you just need to make it as barebones as possible. 2 gigs ram and about 35 gigs of HD space per virtual machine should do you just fine.



2. Install EverQuest on the Virtual Machine.

3. Make special note of the name you chose for your virtual machine, you're going to need it later.

4. Go to this file path: Documents > Virtual Machines > Name of your new virtual machine > VMware virtual machine configuration file. Open the file in notepad.







5. Insert this line of code monitor_control.restrict_backdoor = "true"



6. Save and exit out of the VMware configuration file.


7. Start up your virtual machine.


8. Start up EverQuest, you should no longer get a message that you are using a virtual machine.

At this point it will allow you to run only 1x Virtual machine in EverQuest, and your normal EverQuest client. So you can now two box.


How to Box more than 2 characters on one computer, and as many as you like


1. Create as many VMWares as you want (# of how many you want to box). Use the above steps on each VMware you create.

2. On Each VMWare you need to change your MAC Address. This is very important.

Go to VM Tab -> Settings 


Click on Network Adapter -> Advanced



Click on Generate under Mac Address in your advanced window:


Click on OK, you will need to do this on every VMWare install. You only need to do it once.


Thats it, you can now box as many characters as you like on any Truebox EverQuest server, including Mangler, and Selos.