for Live & TLP Servers including the new server Oakwynd!







EQESP will allow you view all NPCs, or players anywhere in the zone. You can view through any walls, floors, objects, and even doors! Watch a raid kill a dragon deep down in a dungeon while you are at the entrance or see if there is a train of mobs coming to attack you! 

EQESP for all EverQuest Servers including Truebox is now available! 



EQNoDoors Current Features:

  • Can view the entire zone from the entrance!
  • View where all NPCs, and players are located.
  • Watch a raid kill, a raid target while you stand at the entrance!
  • See through any objects, floors, walls, doors and more!
  • Works on all servers including truebox servers such as Mangler, Selos, and Coirnav!