for Live & TLP Servers including the new servers Teek & Tormax!






Did you love the old MQ2Stick for EverQuest? Well EverStick is made to recreate that experience for all TLP Servers! It will allow you to Stick to any target, and it will Autoface your toon to your target! EverStick also has a new mode that will allow you to permanently Stick to a target such as your main toon, and then they can target other NPCs etc to cast spells or abilities! EverStick is the ultimate companion for boxing on EverQuest TLP Servers!



EverStick Current Features:

  • Can Stick to any NPCs/PCs in game
  • Permanently Stick to any Target!
  • 100% Better than the ingame /follow
  • HotKeys to Use Stick in game
  • AutoFaces your character to your Target
  • Perfect for Boxing Melee Classes
  • Works on all TLP servers including Coirnav!