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September 15, 2021

You can now purchase a complete lifetime bundle which includes all projects. You will get access to all future updates, patches, any new projects and support. Save $95.00!


May 25, 2021


May 20, 2021


February 17, 2021


January 18, 2021


December 09, 2020


October 21, 2020


October 11, 2020


April 20, 2020


March 20, 2020


January 16, 2020


December 31, 2019


December 21, 2019


November 21, 2019


November 13, 2019


October 17, 2019


September 18, 2019


August 21, 2019


August 08, 2019

EQNoDoors is now available for purchase! You can view more information here



EQESP is now available for purchase! You can view more information here



July 29, 2019

EQBoT 2.6 is now available for download in your members section.


July 18, 2019

New EverHack 3.0 is now available for EverQuest! Completely rewritten from the ground up!

The new EverHack client boasts new features such as:


- All programs have been updated to the latest EverQuest Patch.


July 10, 2019

EQBoT v2.5 is now available for download in your member section, you can view the latest updates here.


June 19, 2019

All programs have been updated to the latest EverQuest Patch.


May 17, 2019

New video showcasing EQBoT v2.3


May 15, 2019

All programs have been updated to the latest EverQuest Patch.


May 13, 2019

New EQBoT v2.4 is now available! Many updates, bug corrections, and a whole lot of automation!

- Fixed some issues with dpsspell1
- Added the Ability to set a custom delay for sitting for dpsspell1, and dpsspell2.
- You can add 0 if you do not want to sit after casting is done.
- Added the ability to automatically chain cast spells 1-4. You can use the command !chainspell to turn it on, and !chainspelloff to turn it off.
- Autobuffing
- Auto click Abilities/spells for all your classes!
- Cast Druid specific spells (More to come)
- Click Enchanter based Epics (More to come)
- Updated the Auto Follow system so now works super quick!
- Auto follow will now notify your master if it has successfully followed.
- Alot of commands have been changed. Please visit EQBoT Command list for more information.

You can now create your own custom macros!



New features such as Autobuffing all your boxes without commands, auto use any ability, auto Area of Effect spell rotations!



 New automatic clicking of abilities/items!



April 21, 2019

All hacks/bots have been updated to the latest EverQuest Patch 4/21/2019.


April 17, 2019

All products have been updated to the latest EverQuest Patch 4/17/2019.


April 15, 2019

Latest EQBoT v2.3 is now available for download in your member section

- You can now create your own custom EverQuest macro within EQBoT (Autotarget a player or mob name, autocast spells and more!)
- Added Keypresses 0-9 to EQBoT

New Commands:

keypress1 -> Keypress 1 ingame
keypress2 -> Keypress 2 ingame
keypress3 -> Keypress 3 ingame
Keypress4 -> Keypress 4 ingame
keypress5 -> Keypress 5 ingame
keypress6 -> Keypress 6 ingame
Keypress7 -> Keypress 7 ingame
Keypress8 -> Keypress 8 ingame
Keypress9 -> Keypress 9 ingame
Keypress0 -> Keypress 0 ingame

- Fixed a bunch of bugs such as (dpsspell1, dpsspell2, petsummon, and gatecharacter) not working correctly.
- Fixed crashing issues that some were having when zoning.
- Fixed an issue with Unchecking Run EQBoT that would prevent the bot from starting up again when you check it.


March 20, 2019

EverEXP is now available for purchase! EverEXP will allow you to view how much experience your character has in realtime, it will show you exactly how much experience each, and every kill or quest turn in's will yield you. Anything you get experience for will report in the client! EverEXP will allow show you exactly how many kills you have left until you reach your next level!

EverEXP Current Features:


March 19, 2019

New EQBoT update is now available for download in your member section, the new update includes many new features such as .ini support! You can now instantly save/load your characters profiles with a push of a button. EQBoT will also now autoload any existing profiles upon launching. 


[EQBoT Client Settings]
Profile 1=Saved Character Profiles
[EQLog System]
Log Location=Enter Location.....
[Master Setup]
Set Master to=Enter Player Name....
[Assist System]
Set Main Assist to=main or playername
[Group Setup System]
Groupmember 1=enter name....
Groupmember 2=enter name....
Groupmember 3=enter name....
Groupmember 4=enter name....
Groupmember 5=enter name....
My Character=enter name....
[Healing System]
Large Heal Spell=/cast #
Fast Heal Spell=/cast #
Heal Over Time Spell=/cast #
[Raid System]
Main Tank=Enter Main tank's name
[Pet System]
Pet Spell=/cast #
[Damage Spell's System]
Damage Spell 1=/cast #
Damage Spell 2=/cast #
[Gating System]
Gate Spell=/cast #
[Out of Group Player System]
Player Name 1=enter name....
Player Name 2=enter name....
Player Name 3=enter name....
Player Name 4=enter name....


EQBoT will also work in conjunction with EverHack to give you abilities such as Teleporting to your master, or teleporting to your masters target as seen here:



You can view all the updated commands for EQBoT here:


March 16, 2019

New EverHack 2.0 is now available for download in your member section! Many changes in the new build, I have updated the UI, straightened out some code, and added some new features!

New EverHack Features:

You can now instantly Teleport to your current target! I have also added an optional keybind in the client that will allow you to teleport to your target with a press of a button.