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EQBoT Setup Guide

Important Notes


This guide will teach you how to use EQBoT for all EverQuest Live/Truebox Servers, Aradune, Coirnav, Phinigel, Agnarr, Thornblade, Mischief! EQBoT is a next generation multiboxing tool for EverQuest, it completely runs off of your log file! You can completely control any class on multiple PC's simply with a press of a key. There is no memory injection, no memory reading, writing or anything invasive! So it is 100% safe!

Important Note: This guide is made/updated using the latest version of EQBoT, check the forums for the updated build.

You can purchase EQBoT here: PURCHASE

  • Make sure you have the latest version of EQBoT downloaded, new versions are always posted in your member section. Which you can access here: DOWNLOAD
  • EQBoT is in beta status, if you encounter any bugs please join our discord and post.

Current Features

  • Autofollow any character
  • Assist any player or character
  • Cast any hotbar keys
  • Cast any spell
  • Use any ability or item
  • Auto jump your character
  • Setup Auto Heal macros
  • Press any key
  • Predefined /say responses.
  • Automatically cast any spell
  • Auto use any abilities
  • Automatically cast AoE Spell rotations
  • AFK Bard twisting
  • Auto Cast class specific epics
  • Instant recast if spell is resisted
  • Instant recast if spells fizzles
  • and much more!

You can now use EQBoT in conjunction with EverHack to do neat things such as summoning your slaves to your master with a simple command!

First time Setup

  • Log into EverQuest - (Once your character is in game, type /log off to ensure logging is off for setup)
  • Run EQBoT as an Administrator (Right click run as administrator) not running as administrator will prevent the bot from working.
  • Only run EQBoT on your slaves, not on your main master toon.
  • On the first launch of EQBoT it will require you to enter a username, and password. Go ahead, and enter yours. Your username/password will be supplied to you in your member section located here. Member Section

  • Once you have entered your login information, click on login.
  • Now you should be prompted with the actual EQBoT interface.
  • Since this is your first time setting up EQBoT, you will be prompted with a message stating that you will need to create a log file. Click Ok.

  • After clicking Ok, a dialog box will appear simply just select your characters log file. It will be located in EverQuest/logs. If you do not see your characters log file, just go in game and type /log on, then /log off. The new log file will appear for you to select with EQBoT.

  • Next You will be prompted to enter your EverQuest window name, by default its EverQuest. If you have something different just enter it here.

  • Congratulations first time setup has been complete!

EQBoT Setup

  • Once you have finished EQBoT's first time setup, it will automatically exit. Just relaunch EQBoT (Don't forget to run as administrator).

Now with EQBoT up you should see slave's EQLog Directory already filled out. If its not filled out, go ahead and enter your slaves log location there. Should be something like EverQuest\logs\charname.aradune.txt

  • Next you will enter your Master Characters name. This is where you would enter the name of the character who you are controlling your slaves with.

You are now ready to use most of the commands with EQBoT!

Spell Resist Recast

One of the best features of EQBoT!

This feature will automatically recast a spell if it has been resisted by your target.

Enter Resist Spell Text:

  • This is where you would enter the text that your spell gives when resisted. Example: resisted Sunstrike

Recast Resisted Spell

  • Replace # with the number of the spell to cast. So if Sunstrike is in gem 8. It would be /cast 8.

Now EQBoT will automatically recast Sunstrike if it has been resisted!

Create Custom Macros

This will allow you to create automated custom macros

  • Enter custom command or text: If you want the macro to fire when you say a specific command, or want it to do an action when it reads something in your log file.
  • Setting delays: This is how long you would want EQBoT to wait to fire the next action. Default is 500 milliseconds which is .5 of a second.
  • Target: Targets name. Example: a_ghoul
  • What spell to cast? This what you would have EQBoT do after it has targeted a enemy. You can have it cast a spell, sit, do an ability, equip an item anything you like.

Stick Attack Settings

Stick Attack will automatically have your character run to your target, and attack. (For Melee Characters, requires EverStick)

  • Enter Distance to target: Use 1000-9000 Varies per PC: Enter the distance here, every PC is different you will need to experiment for your perfect settings.
  • Custom Stick Attack Settings: Enter your own custom personalized command for your character to react. Default Command: stickattack

Stick Attack requires EverStick to be running you can purchase EverStick here: Purchase EverStick

Automated Clickies

This feature will allow you to have EQBoT automatically recast clickies if they fade.

This an experimental feature, I will be adding more clickies as I experiment with them. So far it will automatically track:

  • Enchanter Epic (Speed of Shissar)
  • Journeyman Boot's
  • Fungus Covered Great Staff
  • Kerasha's Sylvan Leggings
  • Woven Grass Chestguard
  • Amulet of Necropotence
  • Orb of the Sky
  • Crown of Deceit
  • Kizak's Guantlet's of Battle
  • Cobalt Vambraces
  • Glove's of Warding

Auto Buffing

EQBoT can automatically track buffs, and recast buffs! It can even buff you or anybody by sending your slave a tell.

  • Reply buffing: You can set this up to cast buffs on any person who sends your slave a tell with a unique command.
  • Auto Buffing: This will track all spells, and recast them as the buff fades.