for Live & TLP Servers including the new servers Teek & Tormax!






AFKCleric for TLP Servers will allow you to have a fully automated cleric! This bot will autoheal all your groupmembers when needed, then sit to regenerate mana after the heal lands all without even lifting a finger! Only have one member in your group? No worries! AFKCleric will autodetect how many groupmembers are in your group and will adjust accordingly! All you need to do is simply enter the character names that are in your group in the bot!




AFKCleric's Current Features:

  • Autotarget groupmembers.
  • Autoheal all groupmembers
  • Heals yourself (Cleric) when low.
  • Autosits after healing.
  • Detects how many members are in your group.
  • Complete AFK Bot.
  • Works on all TLP servers including Coirnav!