Updated Guide 10/03/2022

This guide will teach you how to bypass EverQuest's truebox code for boxing on any Progression server including the new server Yelinak, this will allow you to box as many characters as you like. So you can build those mage armies, and stack some krono. 


*Dual Boxing = 2 Computers, 1 Monitor, 1 Mouse/Keyboard, 1 USB Capture Card (Even the $4 wish/amazon ones work great)

*3 Boxing = 3 Computers, 1 Monitor, 1 Mouse/Keyboard, 2 USB Capture cards.

*4 Boxing = 4 Computers, 1 Monitor, 1 Mouse/Keyboard, 3 USB Capture cards and so on..


First Step - Downloading the tools...


1. Download, and Install OBS Studio (I am using the latest version 28.0.3 64bit - DOWNLOAD) (Free)



1b. Download, and install ProtonVPN, or another VPN Client of your choice. (I will explain more later)

1c. Download, and install Multiplicity. I use version 3.44, but you can use the latest version. (This allows you use to use 1 keyboard/mouse across all computers)



1d. Download EQBoT/AutoHealer to easily control your slaves/boxes.



Step Two - Connecting all your capture cards/OBS Studio


2a. Simply, plug in your USB Capture card. (Plug this into your main PC, the one with the monitor) I personally use this cheap one at the time of the post its only $8.99.

2b. Connect your slaves PC via HDMI to that USB Capture card. Turn on Slave PC.

2c. Load up OBS Studio, once you get to the scene page. It should look something like this:



2d. To show your other computer (Boxes)  simply right click on the black box in the middle. Select Add.



This will popup.



Just hit Ok.


You should see your slaves PC now. (I'm already in the game)



Hit OK.


Now for the awesome part, you can right click on Scene ---> Windowed Project (Scene)



This will bring up a whole new tab/window with your desktop/box. Which you can fully resize!