This guide will teach you how to run MySEQ, and update it on patchdays for EverQuest, it will work on all servers such as Mangler, Selos, Agnarr, Phinigel and all normal servers.

- MySEQ is not created by, we just simply release offset updates on patch days for anyone looking for it.


First Step - Download MySEQ Client from the link below:


1. Unzip your MySEQ download anywhere you like on your computer or Virtual Machine.

- Your folder should look something like this:


1a. Check to make sure you have the latest offsets for the MySEQ server.

- Open up myseqserver.ini (You can open it with notepad)



1b. Once you have opened up the configuration file, scroll down until you see [File Info]

This will show you the patch date. You can check the latest offsets here:

- If it needs to be updated simply overwrite it, save & close.


Second Step - Run MySEQ


2. Now that MySEQ is updated for the latest patch, its time to run it.

- Run EverQuest, and when in game. Simply double click on server.exe.

- A box will come up that looks like this:



- if Patch states the latest patch, you are ready to go on to the next step. If it shows another date you will need to exit, and make sure your myseqserver.ini is setup correctly.


3. Run MySEQ - Now since your server is now running, you can now run MySEQ.exe.

- Once MySEQ has fully opened/launched, all you need to do is hit Go. 



4. Congratulations you now have a EverQuest Map Hack! You can now view any, and all players, monster locations, and much more!