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kramsalotMine was spamming it multiple times a second. It stopped doing that after delete my log file a 3rd time.(31.03.2020, 23:16)(23:16)0
Pman359the auto follow spams repeatedly to make sure it stays, I end up turning it off.(31.03.2020, 23:14)(23:14)0
kramsalotUsing notepad it looks like its only spamming two things /Target "Main" and /Follow(31.03.2020, 20:44)(20:44)0
kramsalotThe bot spams 2-3 commands every second. Commands I'm not sending it. It'll pause momentarily an then start spamming again. I'm just sitting here stationary and it doesn't ever stop spamming shit.(31.03.2020, 20:40)(20:40)0
kramsalotHow do we get assistance with EQBot? Mine does not work correctly. It's all kinds of fucked up.(31.03.2020, 20:29)(20:29)0
kramsalotAre there some saved profiles we can download to load into EQBot?(30.03.2020, 02:32)(02:32)0
BetzyboooTrying to get access to download EqBot that I purchased, thanks.(28.03.2020, 07:13)(07:13)0
markiewicz89Need membership for AFKCleric for TLP Servers - Lifetime Access (24.03.2020, 22:29)(22:29)0
Mojoguy01Any word on a better chat system? I wish we could get Discord again cause this sucks :((24.03.2020, 15:35)(15:35)2
BAMFLove the chatbot, lets see how long it takes for an answer :)(23.03.2020, 21:58)(21:58)0
abysskeqSelling Personalized MapHack for P99 Servers, send me a message if your interested!(22.03.2020, 16:41)(16:41)0
abysskeq@jj429 To my knowledge not with VMWare, maybe something else but I havnt looked too much into it(22.03.2020, 16:02)(16:02)0
abysskeq@eightsheep Access done, sorry for the delay!(22.03.2020, 16:01)(16:01)0
eightsheepHi abyss, i still cant get access to member forum, already send request few times:/(22.03.2020, 14:14)(14:14)0
jj429Can you still get around Truebox with altering VM settings?(22.03.2020, 13:12)(13:12)0
irishftwthanks abyss <3 (20.03.2020, 21:28)(21:28)0
BlacklordPlease stop wasting time updating a non relevant game. We are all waiting for the wow bot.(20.03.2020, 10:25)(10:25)0
abysskeq@hambam Super rough lol, theres an update every week lately (20.03.2020, 09:21)(09:21)0
abysskeqAll Products have been updated to the latest EverQuest Patch 3/20/2020 (20.03.2020, 08:53)(08:53)1
abysskeq@Markiewicz Access Done (20.03.2020, 08:53)(08:53)0
markiewicz89Would be nice to get member access since I paid for lifetime eqbot.(20.03.2020, 07:19)(07:19)0
irishftwLooks like they did a server side patch today that didnt require a server reset.. does anyone have the offsets for SEQ for today?(19.03.2020, 23:57)(23:57)0
hambamSo sad running this slow lol.  Patch every week is rough(18.03.2020, 21:13)(21:13)0
BAMFhave the notes been released yet?(18.03.2020, 14:56)(14:56)0
BAMFnow you gotta update again for this new patch :((18.03.2020, 14:56)(14:56)0
seashadowSo are there any options for loading two instances on 1 PC.  I just want to be able to log in and buff another toon.  I take VM's are still a no-go ?(18.03.2020, 12:04)(12:04)0
BAMF@abyss i use it for marketing purposes with my services i sell, i can provide the most accurate  times for leveling services etc.(17.03.2020, 02:30)(02:30)0
abysskeq@tigerragrob going as fast as I can, my friend :D(16.03.2020, 10:16)(10:16)0
abysskeqDo people actually use EverExp? I will update it I suppose lol. I didnt think anyone actually used it.(16.03.2020, 10:16)(10:16)0
BAMFAbyss, can you updat everexp(16.03.2020, 05:26)(05:26)0
tigerragrobAbysskeq, Bro the gov is going to shut the country down for a month soon. Need the wow bot to play with during that time so go go go :-)(15.03.2020, 13:25)(13:25)0
abysskeqYour going to the love the new features of autopriest for WoW! After I finish some updates on EQ, I will write a list of all the new features :D(13.03.2020, 18:55)(18:55)0
Malx@abysskeq minimally I would love my priest autohealing(13.03.2020, 18:45)(18:45)0
abysskeqFor mass selling it? Not yet (13.03.2020, 18:44)(18:44)0
Malx@abysskeq awesome(13.03.2020, 18:43)(18:43)0
abysskeqI should have something atleast for the few that preordered it to test it out etc(13.03.2020, 18:43)(18:43)0
Malx@abysskeq thanks for the update, think it'll be ready this month?(13.03.2020, 18:42)(18:42)0
abysskeq@Malx Been working hard on the WoWBot, ran into some issues trying to add in the registration so thats what I have been working on. Also been adding the first time user setup wizard, and having it autosave into the bot.(13.03.2020, 18:41)(18:41)0
Malx@abysskeq eta on wow bot? can you give us any updates, something..(13.03.2020, 17:46)(17:46)0
abysskeqSorry for the delay on EverHack, they changed where a few things were located so I had to find them again. Simply launch EverHack, and everything will be autoloaded to the Client (13.03.2020, 12:29)(12:29)0
abysskeqAll products have been updated to the latest EverQuest Patch! (13.03.2020, 12:28)(12:28)0
BAMF@abyss any update on patch status?(13.03.2020, 00:31)(00:31)0
dkonei can`t log into members for some reason.(12.03.2020, 01:44)(01:44)0
abysskeqWorking on all updates for the latest patch today - Stay tuned!(11.03.2020, 23:31)(23:31)0
SlackerI may have asked on the wrong section. With the changes darkpaw made, are VMs dead now?(11.03.2020, 17:23)(17:23)0
jimmceethe levi speed thing in everhack, how to get that functional... like if DMF or whatever on, goes like super slow speed(11.03.2020, 09:18)(09:18)0
jimmceeU can the entire squad but need to run eqbot on all the non master toons(11.03.2020, 09:17)(09:17)0
AeonWIth the Live version of Everhack, are you able to Warp your entire squad or just 1 toon at a time?(08.03.2020, 11:22)(11:22)0
BAMFAre there new offsets for myseq? since that patch they did mine has not worked, but my everhack has(08.03.2020, 02:32)(02:32)0
winstonstill waiting on feedback on everghost has not work at all since I payed for it(06.03.2020, 06:59)(06:59)0
TinnyMySEQ, modern day showEQ?=) (05.03.2020, 18:51)(18:51)0
myth@abysskeq check PM pls(04.03.2020, 01:16)(01:16)0
Logisticzdoes superkill work still on p99(02.03.2020, 23:55)(23:55)0
polynvm, just realized there are setup instructions, disregard my msg!(01.03.2020, 02:18)(02:18)0
polyhey abyss, i purchased kenetixquest a while ago, and havent used it in several months. I just redownloaded it, and its asking for login information. I entered my account credentials but i still dont have access, can you please help?(01.03.2020, 02:14)(02:14)0
DeadAbyss you around? looking for eqbot access now that I have purchased it.(27.02.2020, 19:13)(19:13)0
tigerragrobHey abysskeq do you have any infor for us in the WOW crowd?(26.02.2020, 22:27)(22:27)0
abysskeqHey, Yes everything is updated to the latest patch. (26.02.2020, 21:14)(21:14)0
platinumuserhi I wud like to purchase everbot but site saying All products have been updated to the latest patch EverQuest patch 01/16/2020 but its not last patch, is stil working on TLP, I'm never used eqbot before(26.02.2020, 06:20)(06:20)0
SaciaDo I use the login/password for the website for the launcher or the one sent in email(25.02.2020, 22:02)(22:02)0
NeonknightOh o(23.02.2020, 21:55)(21:55)0
abysskeq@Malx yes sir, stay tuned for a nice annoucement :D(23.02.2020, 16:20)(16:20)0
abysskeqhaha I don't blame them, I can't play EQ without EverHack running :D(23.02.2020, 16:20)(16:20)0
NeonknightI never had issue waiting for nothing some people just ain't been in the game as long as us some people are just like its broke I want it fixed now I'm sure you've been reading chats(23.02.2020, 02:22)(02:22)0
Malx@abyssskeq any updates for wow?(23.02.2020, 01:03)(01:03)0
mverliehallowed be thy name(23.02.2020, 00:45)(00:45)0
jimmceethanks bro, you the man(22.02.2020, 22:52)(22:52)0
abysskeqAlso fixed the issue with Enduring breath, EverHack should properly know that you are in water and will auto turn on Enduring Breath. I will also be adding a manual toggle for this since some are wanting one (22.02.2020, 15:40)(15:40)0
abysskeq@Neonknight I just fixed that issue with the CTD that was due to the game structs not lining up properly with EverHack (22.02.2020, 15:38)(15:38)0
abysskeq@temowat Use the function called "Force Warp" in EverHack, and it will force move your character thru walls/barriers(22.02.2020, 15:37)(15:37)0
abysskeqAll products have been updated to the latest Patch - 2/22/2020(22.02.2020, 15:36)(15:36)0
abysskeqSorry for the late response all! Had some IRL issues I had to get taken care of all of a sudden (22.02.2020, 15:36)(15:36)0
IG88Ok just making sure it wasn't me being dumb, he can take his time worth the wait.(21.02.2020, 17:08)(17:08)0
mverlieno update to patch. if Abyss is taking a vacation or break or struggling, it would be nice to just let us know. Communication goes a long way.(21.02.2020, 16:55)(16:55)0
IG88Do we still not have updates from that 2/14 baby patch or am I doing somethign wrong?(21.02.2020, 16:50)(16:50)0
saitek526Yeah.. so is this going to be updated again?(21.02.2020, 01:10)(01:10)0
mverlieweek now and no update or response. RIP(20.02.2020, 01:41)(01:41)0
NeonknightTook me awhile to learn how to use warp but I finally got it(18.02.2020, 18:37)(18:37)0
NeonknightI just typed in the location click on force warp and cast a spell and it works but someone said it crashes you to desktop but I haven't used it yet to check but I will in a few mins so I'll let ya know(18.02.2020, 18:36)(18:36)0
temowatWarping never worked for me . just kind of bounced me around in one spot? any ideas?(18.02.2020, 18:29)(18:29)0
temowatanyone else having issues with fly anywhere not working?(18.02.2020, 17:14)(17:14)0
NeonknightI wouldn't worry about it(16.02.2020, 19:59)(19:59)0
Clouds12well he hasn't even logged into the site in over 3 days so...(16.02.2020, 19:46)(19:46)0
Neonknightim sure Abyss is aware of the issues and is working on it and believe me if its unfixable he will say it (16.02.2020, 14:39)(14:39)0
mverlieYeah patch fucked up warping. Crashes to desktop now(16.02.2020, 05:00)(05:00)0
Clouds12@abysskeq any updates on Everstick? patch on the 14th broke it again.(16.02.2020, 00:38)(00:38)0
DybreI have not been able to use eqbot it never does anything with sent commands I have deleted the log and started over many times.(15.02.2020, 20:22)(20:22)0
SaaiI assume levitation/no fall damage is broken with current patch?(15.02.2020, 14:08)(14:08)0
iguanayes :), 01:53)(01:53)0
irishftwany myseq offsets out yet?(15.02.2020, 00:10)(00:10)0
mverlie@abysskeq(14.02.2020, 21:32)(21:32)0
mverlieAny word on new patch(14.02.2020, 21:32)(21:32)0
IG88Patch going to break everything again? =\(14.02.2020, 19:29)(19:29)0
jimmceeIs there a trick to use the levi speed thing in Client Hack?(14.02.2020, 09:27)(09:27)0
NeonknightThx for all the hard work ya do Abyss some people dont understand what's involved when server updates occur etc(13.02.2020, 14:10)(14:10)0
abysskeqNew EverHack Client coming soon which includes a few new things for EverQuest, and also Project 1999! Stay tuned(13.02.2020, 13:55)(13:55)0
abysskeqAll locked/flagged Doors have been removed from Potorment, PoDisease, and PoInnovation zones with EQNoDoors! Have fun kicking out that progression :D(13.02.2020, 13:44)(13:44)0
abysskeq@neonknight Still having login issue?(13.02.2020, 13:28)(13:28)0
abysskeqAll products are updated to the latest EverQuest patch 2/13/2020 (13.02.2020, 13:27)(13:27)0
abysskeq@Iguana Access Done (13.02.2020, 13:26)(13:26)0
iguanaeqbot lifetime  need access too please - the discord invite says it's expired(12.02.2020, 22:16)(22:16)0
NeonknightDo I still have same username and pw cause i ended up getting a new on in my email that i cant log into?(12.02.2020, 21:56)(21:56)0
NeonknightLifetime Member now Abyss break out the, good hacks :)(12.02.2020, 21:43)(21:43)0
GewblinThanks @abysskeq ! By the way, do I need to download any thing additional, you mentioned Everclient, is that an additional client I need to download in order to use / run EverGhost?(11.02.2020, 23:32)(23:32)0
abysskeqFYI EverHack will require a new download once I am finished, as I am implementing a few changes, fixing some bugs, and adding some new cool features :)(11.02.2020, 19:58)(19:58)0
abysskeqYep, I’m working on ghost being added to the Everclient build, and fixing that leashing issue.(11.02.2020, 19:53)(19:53)0
GewblinAny updates on EQGhost not working properly?(11.02.2020, 19:49)(19:49)0
abysskeqAs EQNoDoors is getting more, and more zones done. The price will be going up, right now its very cheap for the amount of work done on that project. Any previous purchasers will still have there lifetime membership for it. Price will go to $25 for lifetime instead of $15, the price change will go into effect next week. You will still be able to purchase lifetime for $15 until next week.(11.02.2020, 19:43)(19:43)0
abysskeqHUGE patch today, I am currently updating everything for the latest patch. Stay tuned (11.02.2020, 19:40)(19:40)0
abysskeq@irishftw Im working on the new PoP zones now (11.02.2020, 19:34)(19:34)0
abysskeqYou can also run, EverHack with EverStick at the same too (11.02.2020, 19:29)(19:29)0
abysskeq@lighthammer1971 Yes, you can get KenetixQuest for P1999 here:, 19:24)(19:24)0
abysskeq@burakaksar Download the latest build in the member section, that build is updated for the newest EQ Patch.(11.02.2020, 19:22)(19:22)0
abysskeq@Dybre Delete your log file, and then type /log on in your slave toons(11.02.2020, 19:21)(19:21)0
abysskeq@tbjones1025 Yes, I have a working maphack for project1999. Will be posting a new members section for it.(11.02.2020, 19:21)(19:21)0
abysskeq@dethvirus Yes it does work in water, it doesnt adjust the movement speed of the toon you will need EverHack for that (To change speeds)(11.02.2020, 19:20)(19:20)0
Dybreis the any support for this product(11.02.2020, 12:53)(12:53)0
irishftw@abyyskeq i sent you a couple private messages about POP zones.. thanks in advance(11.02.2020, 01:40)(01:40)0
Dybrehaving no luck getting eqbot to work followed everyone on the setup page will no respond to any commands(10.02.2020, 23:55)(23:55)0
dethvirusThinking of getting everstick, but have some questions - does it work well in water? If the lead character is using a mount, will the character following still keep up even if they are slower? (10.02.2020, 00:51)(00:51)0
everquestbotHello(09.02.2020, 21:13)(21:13)0
GoldchainEQBots v2.9 keeps getting erased by Windows defender as a trojan... Ive tried to white list it but its still gettin snagged. Any suggestions?(09.02.2020, 01:52)(01:52)0
tbjones1025got it working(08.02.2020, 10:26)(10:26)0
tbjones1025is the maphack updated for the current patch?(08.02.2020, 10:00)(10:00)0
burakaksarAbys, I bought Everstick also its not working. Please supportt me for fixing it or i will need a refund.(07.02.2020, 15:06)(15:06)1
lighthammer1971Does this program work for EQ emulators as well? I see p99 how bout any of the others in general?(06.02.2020, 15:39)(15:39)0
lmcwhich one works for wow ?(06.02.2020, 10:24)(10:24)0
FyrsTY(05.02.2020, 10:54)(10:54)0
abysskeqAccess Done :D(05.02.2020, 10:53)(10:53)0
FyrsHello. Purchased EQBot lifetime, awaiting access to the paid members forum - thanks :)(05.02.2020, 10:52)(10:52)0
abysskeq@taylor are you using the latest build the one in the member section? You shouldn't need to paste the log directory.(04.02.2020, 21:16)(21:16)0
abysskeq@menlaten Double check your log location (Make sure there are no spaces)(04.02.2020, 21:15)(21:15)0
taylorHello, I've had no luck in getting any commands to work, watched the videos, log is running on slave. Slave directory is pasted into it's place. master isn't running eqbot and groups up with slave and says in group or chat channels and slave does nothing. Not sure I'm doing it correctly, could use help. Thanks(31.01.2020, 22:24)(22:24)0
menlatenI purchased EQBot. On one it works fine on the other its not doing anything.  I've tired /log off, stop bot, delete log and lauching eq, /log on, start bot but it still will not work.  ive tired this three times.(30.01.2020, 16:45)(16:45)0
tigerragrobwhen will you post the new video? :-)(27.01.2020, 16:15)(16:15)0
abysskeqNope, not atm @Sami(27.01.2020, 16:14)(16:14)0
samiis there still a Discord?(27.01.2020, 02:01)(02:01)0
jaeee@mojo I just usually do raid nights on mangler on my mains. I could run a terrible 5 box, but usually stick to 3 if im doing solo duo stuf(26.01.2020, 04:37)(04:37)0
abysskeq@Mojo targeting for which server?(25.01.2020, 15:39)(15:39)0
abysskeqDay is great tiger :D(25.01.2020, 15:39)(15:39)0
abysskeqSure can irishftw, just send me a PM with all the zones you want me to do(25.01.2020, 15:39)(15:39)0
irishftwIn prep for Mangler moving into POP i know there is a locked door in Plane of Innovation and Plane of Torment.  Any chance for an update to the EQNODOOR for these zones.  Not sure if there are other locked doors i am missing in the expansion(25.01.2020, 15:30)(15:30)0
tigerragrobHow is everybody's day :-)(24.01.2020, 01:54)(01:54)0
tigerragrobAnybody hear an news on the new video or when the bot will be released for wow?(23.01.2020, 02:19)(02:19)0
Stealthwireso can anybody link me the link for the vm walkthrough on this site i cant seem to find it again(22.01.2020, 16:55)(16:55)0
BAMFYeah hooking into the game like that is diff for these servers as i understand. /shrug(21.01.2020, 14:27)(14:27)0
Mojoguy01So it's 100% possible(21.01.2020, 05:35)(05:35)0
Mojoguy01MQ2 used to have a way of getting a targeted npc's xyz(21.01.2020, 05:35)(05:35)0
jdogcoolIs there a way to target a mob and warp to it like across the map?(20.01.2020, 15:26)(15:26)0
irishftwI noticed the stun immunity isnt working anymore.  I know to the server you are still in the same place, but the client could move around and warp out of the way when the stun wore off.  (20.01.2020, 02:05)(02:05)0
Mojoguy01Anyone doing anything fun on Mangler, or in the proverbial waiting room for next TLP? Really itching to 6 or 12box again (Even on Truebox), but not sure if i want to play on Mangler xD(20.01.2020, 01:59)(01:59)0
Mojoguy01But why ;-;(20.01.2020, 01:20)(01:20)0
tigerragrobit got shutdown(20.01.2020, 01:19)(01:19)0
Mojoguy01What happened to Discord? I just noticed I'm not on the discord anymore D:(20.01.2020, 01:19)(01:19)0
jaeeeGot the afcleric working wonderfull earlier but had another question about it, ill send you a PM(20.01.2020, 00:34)(00:34)0
jaeeeYou around abyss?(20.01.2020, 00:33)(00:33)0
jaeeeHavent tried everstick bud sorry.(20.01.2020, 00:33)(00:33)1
SallericCan anyone help with Everstick?  Not able to get this working.  I can get follow work fine with EQbot.(19.01.2020, 17:19)(17:19)0
SlackerMaybe they got tired neeeeewb. You been working them too hard?(19.01.2020, 01:54)(01:54)0
neeeewbSo all of a sudden one of toons just decides to sit on thier own. Has not done this ever, now all of a sudden?(18.01.2020, 21:19)(21:19)0
csmmk421I know you probably have something built in but do you have a Autoforage macro script i could get ??(18.01.2020, 20:17)(20:17)0
jaeeeheyhey(18.01.2020, 14:18)(14:18)0
jaeeeSlid in your PM's abyss whenever you get a chance, thankssss(18.01.2020, 00:54)(00:54)0
jaeeeHeyoooo(18.01.2020, 00:46)(00:46)0
abysskeqBuff Timers shows each, and every buff/debuff and how long it has left before it leaves, brought back showing your current mana since P99 removed the ability to see it, and a bunch of new hacks (17.01.2020, 20:51)(20:51)0
abysskeqSome new features for KenetixQuest coming soon /, 20:49)(20:49)0
abysskeq@Salleric Access Done (17.01.2020, 20:39)(20:39)0
SallericJust registered and subscribed to EQBOT, waiting for access, Thanks(17.01.2020, 18:01)(18:01)0
NeonknightI always disable my virus scan when I download it and works like a charm(17.01.2020, 14:21)(14:21)0
mverliehave tried on more than one PC and have removed any kind of firewall / extensions in chrome, etc(17.01.2020, 04:14)(04:14)0
mverliewindows 10 and google chrome not letting me download everhack client now saying virus detected. please fix / help.(17.01.2020, 04:13)(04:13)0
irishftwWhats this map hack i hear about?  Sounds like another fun toy(17.01.2020, 03:15)(03:15)0
abysskeqAccess done (17.01.2020, 01:35)(01:35)0
jaeeehey just got the eqzone too when you get a chance to add access(17.01.2020, 01:33)(01:33)0
jaeeemore*(17.01.2020, 01:06)(01:06)0
jaeeeSent you one mose message bud.(17.01.2020, 01:06)(01:06)0
abysskeqAlso remember to always run EverClient as an admin, (right click run as administrator) for all the functionality to work (17.01.2020, 00:54)(00:54)0
abysskeqYour all set, you should have access now when you login! Sorry about that was actually a bug on my end that I had to quick fix.(17.01.2020, 00:53)(00:53)0
jaeeeWont let me do it again, says user already exsists. Should i do a different handle?(17.01.2020, 00:49)(00:49)0
jaeeeReplied.(17.01.2020, 00:46)(00:46)0
abysskeq@Jaeee I sent you a PM (17.01.2020, 00:42)(00:42)0
jaeeeDone and done, thanks boss.(17.01.2020, 00:36)(00:36)0
abysskeqOnce you do that, I will grant you access (17.01.2020, 00:34)(00:34)0
abysskeq@Jaeee Your all set! Last step is go ahead, and register a EverHack login here(17.01.2020, 00:34)(00:34)0
jaeeeCould i get some of that sweet access request when you have a free moment hehe(17.01.2020, 00:31)(00:31)0
abysskeqHey Jaeee(17.01.2020, 00:27)(00:27)0
abysskeqhaha @IG88(17.01.2020, 00:27)(00:27)0
jaeeeGreetings yo!(17.01.2020, 00:26)(00:26)0
IG88I felt naked the last 24 hours...THANK YOU FOR UPDATE(17.01.2020, 00:10)(00:10)0
abysskeq@Akiima once I finish it for P99, it should be easy to crossover to EQLive for the maps(17.01.2020, 00:06)(00:06)0
Clouds12thanks man(16.01.2020, 23:48)(23:48)0
abysskeqEverStick has been updated to the latest patch! You can download the new update in your member section (16.01.2020, 23:46)(23:46)0
Clouds12cool thanks wasn't sure if you forgot it (16.01.2020, 23:40)(23:40)0
abysskeqYup, finishing it up right now(16.01.2020, 23:39)(23:39)0
Clouds12Abysskeq can you update everstick pls(16.01.2020, 23:39)(23:39)0
abysskeqEverHack has been updated to the latest patch Simply run, and it will auto update (16.01.2020, 23:36)(23:36)0
jimmceeeven if you didnt use it and had it on your system at the time they monitor you got hammered... lol(16.01.2020, 22:00)(22:00)0
jimmceeWas a write up before on how to set one up joedrool, but afew month back a heap of people got hammered for using it.(16.01.2020, 21:58)(21:58)0
BAMFThey use vmware joedool(16.01.2020, 21:56)(21:56)0
JoedoolAnyone know how to run multiple EQs on same PC. Playing on truebox. Saw someone using like 30+ toons(16.01.2020, 19:35)(19:35)0
BAMFthat is for the new offsets for seq(16.01.2020, 00:47)(00:47)0
BAMF, 00:47)(00:47)0
BAMFI seond that built in maps! yeaaah i want that too(16.01.2020, 00:47)(00:47)0
akiimaWhen do we get built in maps hacks for tlp/live?(16.01.2020, 00:22)(00:22)0
mverlienevermind(15.01.2020, 22:19)(22:19)0
mverliehow do we update everhack?(15.01.2020, 22:03)(22:03)0
IG88Anyone got map offsets?(15.01.2020, 21:53)(21:53)0
abysskeqBuilt in MapHack in the works for P1999 in KenetixQuest (14.01.2020, 23:54)(23:54)0
abysskeq@Niefong access done (14.01.2020, 23:47)(23:47)0
abysskeq@Cookizblz Access Done :) I use obfuscar, which helps against decompiling. Some AV's dislike it but you can view more info here:, 23:46)(23:46)0
NiefongAccess req(13.01.2020, 03:29)(03:29)0
cookieblzHello, need my account activated. Also, what's up with the trojan horse in the EverClient download?(13.01.2020, 00:22)(00:22)0
abysskeqYou setup hotkeys to control them all(12.01.2020, 18:53)(18:53)0
abysskeqYep someone uses EQBoT to box 40(12.01.2020, 18:53)(18:53)0
Playereq1Can you do 24 box with EQBoT if so how?(12.01.2020, 12:35)(12:35)0
abysskeqAccess done (12.01.2020, 04:25)(04:25)0
VylintPrivate message sent requesting access, thanks again.(12.01.2020, 03:11)(03:11)0
abysskeqAnytime!(12.01.2020, 02:14)(02:14)0
VylintThank you much!(12.01.2020, 02:12)(02:12)0
abysskeqYes, it uses obfuscar for protection. Some AVs unfortunatly dislike it. You can view more info here: I also sent you a PM with your access information (12.01.2020, 02:11)(02:11)0
VylintTo be expected that windows creaks out and calls this a virus? (12.01.2020, 02:08)(02:08)0
abysskeq@dethvirus I don't see why it wouldn't work, should work fine(10.01.2020, 02:15)(02:15)0
abysskeq@BAMF haha(10.01.2020, 02:15)(02:15)0
dethvirusAnyone know if EQBot works on Linux when ran via wine?(09.01.2020, 23:35)(23:35)0
BAMF@abyss if i get that issue i should just submit a bug report to DBG, right ? >:) mwuahaha.. cause that wont end poorly for me at all!~ /sarcasm off for the sensitive people who would take me literally(09.01.2020, 15:15)(15:15)0
abysskeqYep! When you sent that pic it told me exactly what was wrong with it :D Let me know if you get that issue again (You shouldnt though)(08.01.2020, 00:43)(00:43)0
BAMF@Abysskeq thanks man! was my information on the zone helpful in solving it? I just wanna help i <3 this program(08.01.2020, 00:32)(00:32)0
abysskeqNew Update now available for EverHack! You can view the update notes here:, 00:16)(00:16)0
abysskeq@BAMF Working on it (07.01.2020, 22:48)(22:48)0
abysskeqVex Thal for EQNoDoors has been done, and uploaded to the members section :D(07.01.2020, 22:46)(22:46)0
irishftwRespectfully request nodoors for vt please (07.01.2020, 08:55)(08:55)0
JoedoolHey whats best VM to use with everhack? Hoping to 6 box(06.01.2020, 17:28)(17:28)0
MetsuHi is this fully afk able?(06.01.2020, 05:44)(05:44)0
irishftwWow that was fast for Griegs End!  thanks abysskeq.  Any chance for VT?  :P(06.01.2020, 01:39)(01:39)0
SlackerThe problem with discord is that they own everything. It isn't like teamspeak where you used to set up your own server.(05.01.2020, 21:25)(21:25)0
BAMFthats a pic to  the zone im in in eq + eqzone showing im in somewhere else if that helps(05.01.2020, 19:22)(19:22)0
BAMF, 19:21)(19:21)0
BAMFreloading the app fixed it to detect the right zone.   I had zoned to NK from WK where i had the problem i orig told you about(05.01.2020, 19:17)(19:17)0
BAMFAbyss in N Karana it shows that im in qeytrq right now (05.01.2020, 19:15)(19:15)0
BAMFAbyss yes west karana.. I used it to zone from North karana to west karana worked fine. in WK i got the error message  as soon as i went back to NK it was working fine again to zone back to WK or EK(05.01.2020, 18:21)(18:21)0
abysskeqYou can download the new EQNoDoors update in your member section here:, 18:08)(18:08)0
abysskeqGriegs End has been done for EQNoDoors -  (05.01.2020, 18:06)(18:06)0
abysskeq, 18:00)(18:00)0
abysskeqMake sure you register here @Wayne if you havn't as Ghost will be moving into the launcher after the quick fix(05.01.2020, 18:00)(18:00)0
abysskeqUploading a fix in a few minutes (05.01.2020, 17:59)(17:59)0
WayneEverghost has not work for me, it says: Error:[string "--local value = inputQuery("Login - EverGhost..."]:54: bad argument #1 to 'write' (string expected, got nil)(05.01.2020, 17:59)(17:59)0
abysskeqWest karana? Let me head here, I have been trying to track and fix that bug for the last few days, but I havnt been able to run into the bug lol(05.01.2020, 17:58)(17:58)0
BAMFHey Abyss - If this helps any everzone works in North karana but in west karana it claims your in qtrq when you try to use it? so some zones work.(05.01.2020, 17:56)(17:56)0
abysskeqSure, I can do EQNoDoors for griegs end right now, give me a few minutes (05.01.2020, 17:02)(17:02)0
abysskeq@BAMF Ghost does indeed have the 10 second buffer, I am putting it inside of the EverClient which will allow it to tap into the position locking features so you will be able to explore at will (05.01.2020, 17:02)(17:02)0
BAMFWhile you're at it, can you also make DBG release PoP for mangler, right now? lol(05.01.2020, 00:58)(00:58)0
irishftwAny chance you can update the EQNoDoors to include griegs end?   that would be amaze balls!(04.01.2020, 23:56)(23:56)0
BAMFI have not tried it in a while so i could be way off now havnt kept up with any feature releases on that one(04.01.2020, 17:50)(17:50)0
BAMF@abyss the everghost, does ist still only have the 5 second limit before moving you back to your position? THats my only problem with that is how quickly it TLs you back when exploring and having to clikc the lock button to prevent that from happening.(04.01.2020, 17:50)(17:50)0
abysskeqI havn't made a video of it, but what it does is allow you to become "GM Invisible" to other players, and creatures. So nothing will attack you, or even know that you are there.(03.01.2020, 22:52)(22:52)1
abysskeq@Wayne yes it does :D Works on Live, and all TLP servers(03.01.2020, 22:51)(22:51)1
WayneNewbie here, I am interested in EverGhost for starters, wondering if it runs alongside live on the background and if there is a video of it in action?(03.01.2020, 21:51)(21:51)0
abysskeqhaha over 170 uploaded currently, more are added by members everyday! Add some temo! (01.01.2020, 22:32)(22:32)0
temowat\(01.01.2020, 20:57)(20:57)0
temowatwe need more community uploads(01.01.2020, 20:57)(20:57)0
chris888Great job on the new EverHack its awesome!(31.12.2019, 23:52)(23:52)0
BAMFI never paid attention to time to get through i always click the lock button then go hit my CoS and insta through. Maybe i just dont follow directions which is why i was using it like that, LOL(31.12.2019, 22:21)(22:21)0
abysskeqYep it uses the anti fear code I wrote, but also adds some new mem locations. It should get you though quicker, atleast it does for me(31.12.2019, 22:20)(22:20)0
BAMFits great that its on the community uploaded sections but its the old "anti fear"  ive been using that since i got it to force my way through things(31.12.2019, 22:17)(22:17)0
BAMFMan i love how fast you work but imma say it.. that button is just the lock to selected position feature. It still requires some TLC with a cast or 2 to get through =p(31.12.2019, 22:17)(22:17)0
abysskeq(31.12.2019, 21:12)(21:12)0
BAMFDaaayum you work fast man(31.12.2019, 20:58)(20:58)0
abysskeqNew update is now available for EverHack v3.0i - You view more information here:, 20:55)(20:55)0
BAMFif you build it ... they will come!(31.12.2019, 20:13)(20:13)0
abysskeqhaha I wish(31.12.2019, 20:11)(20:11)0
BAMFyou rock, and we get nodelay back for the new years, right? at 2400 tonight for 2020 you release it? :D(31.12.2019, 20:09)(20:09)0
abysskeqATM nope, the code is only formatted to work with community locs. I am working on another update that allows local locations to work Stay tuned!(31.12.2019, 20:07)(20:07)0
BAMFUsecase i have a lot of locations saved i use myself and dont want to community upload all of them. Can i force warp once selecting one of those locs?(31.12.2019, 20:06)(20:06)0
BAMFohhh okay i was on the wrong page. Does Force Warp work from our private local warp location on the main teleport page?(31.12.2019, 20:05)(20:05)0
BAMFi downloaded and extracted it over my old files.. but for some reason it did nto take just did it in a folder folder i see it now(31.12.2019, 20:04)(20:04)0
abysskeqMake sure you download the latest update, and its under Community locations at the bottom(31.12.2019, 20:02)(20:02)0
BAMFumm, i must be blind my man. I see no button that says force warp(31.12.2019, 20:00)(20:00)0
abysskeqSimply select the location on the list then click on Force Warp (31.12.2019, 19:59)(19:59)0
BAMFSo do we need to do anything to use the force through wall/building? or is it passively working(31.12.2019, 19:49)(19:49)0
BAMFwoot thanks abyss(31.12.2019, 19:49)(19:49)0
abysskeqNew update for KenetixQuest for Project 1999 is now available for download! You can view more information here:, 18:48)(18:48)0
abysskeqEverHack v3.0h is now available for download! You can view more information on the new version here, 18:37)(18:37)0
abysskeqNew EverClient Registration is now available, if you are a KenetixQuest user make sure you register an account as this will be the new launcher (31.12.2019, 17:42)(17:42)0
abysskeqSure did, I had a great christmas! Best holiday wishes to everyone!(31.12.2019, 16:27)(16:27)0
and0oHope you had a Merry Christmas! Any new updates surfacing for WoW classic bot?(31.12.2019, 01:25)(01:25)0
abysskeqNew Update for EverHack will be released later today, it combines alot of my projects into one Launcher (30.12.2019, 17:59)(17:59)0
abysskeqAnd I believe its very easy to setup hehe(30.12.2019, 17:47)(17:47)0
abysskeq@Gillespie yes sir, you can view the tutorial here:, 17:47)(17:47)0
abysskeq@Dr00d69 Yep it did due to ToS, thats why I created this chat (30.12.2019, 17:46)(17:46)0
Dr00d69did the discord go poof?(30.12.2019, 06:10)(06:10)0
GillespieIs there a tutorial video that teaches a play to use EQBoT?  Is this BoT software easier to use than ISBoxer?  (29.12.2019, 10:45)(10:45)0
Noccono doors looks legit fun(26.12.2019, 19:19)(19:19)0
nuclearda1985zomg no doors for ssra you're amazing(26.12.2019, 19:17)(19:17)0
abysskeqSSRaTemple - EQNoDoors - Pic   - No more keys needed throughout the entire zone :D(26.12.2019, 19:13)(19:13)0
abysskeqSo apparently PoK Stones are movable (26.12.2019, 18:47)(18:47)0
abysskeqEverStick has been updated for the newest expansion, you can download it here:, 18:10)(18:10)0
abysskeqPlane of Knowledge - EQNoDoors - Pic(26.12.2019, 17:23)(17:23)0
abysskeqFixing EverStick right now(26.12.2019, 17:16)(17:16)0
abysskeqYep, forums you will get notified if you subscribe (link at bottom of threads) for chat I am working on something like that (26.12.2019, 17:15)(17:15)0
abysskeqJust added Plane of Knowledge for EQNoDoors, you can download it in your members section(26.12.2019, 17:14)(17:14)0
abysskeqYep EQDoors works (26.12.2019, 17:13)(17:13)0
temowatis No Doors working rn?(26.12.2019, 16:05)(16:05)0
nuclearda1985Jimmcee everstick may not have been updated yet. Check to see if it has. If not thats the error you're getting. You can use everstick independent of eqbot.(26.12.2019, 14:36)(14:36)0
nuclearda1985I do have to say i reaaaaly like this this better than discord. Having the forums below. Etc. Abyss will there be a way to "follow" certain chans or forum threads to get email notifications when something new is posted?(26.12.2019, 14:35)(14:35)0
jimmceeDoes the no door file thing work anymore? (26.12.2019, 11:02)(11:02)0
cgabel26Do you need to run eqbot and everstick in unison? I'm getting a lua error when trying to use the stick funcion >:((25.12.2019, 22:10)(22:10)0
abysskeq@dumptruck I wouldn't recommend it project1999 definitely knows when you warp(25.12.2019, 16:55)(16:55)0
abysskeq@cgabel26 access done :D(25.12.2019, 16:54)(16:54)0
dumptruck@abysskeq ive been warping everywhere in p1999, very long distances on a virtual machine acct i dont care about for days.  any idea if they ban for this eventually?(25.12.2019, 05:06)(05:06)0
cgabel26Hello purchased lifetime access. When attempting to log into EQbot tells me I have incorrect login info. I am using same log in info as website and recently submitted paid access request. Did I miss a step or something?(25.12.2019, 04:09)(04:09)0
abysskeqMerry Christmas!(25.12.2019, 01:57)(01:57)0
tigerragrobMerry X-Mas everyone!!!!!!!!(25.12.2019, 01:52)(01:52)0
abysskeqExactly, but now I don't have to worry about things like that since everything will be in house (Hence this chat server)(24.12.2019, 02:55)(02:55)0
Arty23Abyss channel got removed, he didn't delete or ban anyone. That's why he send everyone he had contact here (his account from discord also got banned, apparently someone reported him for botting and exploiting a game)(23.12.2019, 22:12)(22:12)0
Mrbones777oh your discord went down? RIP(23.12.2019, 19:54)(19:54)0
Mrbones777yo abyss. why did you delete me and remove me from discord? I paid for your services...(23.12.2019, 19:53)(19:53)0
hordazso this works for multibxing?(23.12.2019, 17:33)(17:33)0
abysskeq@tigerragrob atm working on GUI(23.12.2019, 13:33)(13:33)0
abysskeqYup discord went down due to TOS(23.12.2019, 13:33)(13:33)0
tigerragrobAbysskeq, what instance are you currently working on in wow classic?(23.12.2019, 10:43)(10:43)0
tigerragrobok i see there are some issues with discord(23.12.2019, 10:41)(10:41)0
tigerragrobWhat happen with discord?(23.12.2019, 10:39)(10:39)0
abysskeqWhen it gets released, yes you can (23.12.2019, 10:03)(10:03)0
tang613520i can buy wowbot here?(23.12.2019, 00:46)(00:46)0
LTBulldogBeing able to set the hotkeys would be awesome.  The F key is nice but it’s high value real estate on my keyboard just because of it’s location.(22.12.2019, 21:16)(21:16)0
abysskeqShouldnt be too hard, I can see about putting it in. Problem would be the hotkeys I would need to make it so you can change it around(22.12.2019, 20:17)(20:17)0
LTBulldogAbyss, how difficult would it be to make everstick a component in the everhack client?  It would really make launching your aps much cleaner and faster.  Just gray it out for the folks that haven’t bought it.(22.12.2019, 20:12)(20:12)0
abysskeqOk let me take a look(22.12.2019, 20:08)(20:08)0

Everstick doesn’t appear to be working after that second ninja patch a couple days ago.  Launched it on multiple boxes but repeatedly got error messages when follow was activated.  Restarted ap a few times with similar results.

(22.12.2019, 20:08)(20:08)0
abysskeqI uploaded a beta build that adds some experimental features, you can find it under the EverHack chat tab(22.12.2019, 17:54)(17:54)0
abysskeqSaai go to EverHack chat real quick(22.12.2019, 17:51)(17:51)0
SaaiSeems to be when I try to use coords it won't work. If I use teleport to target it will work.(22.12.2019, 17:47)(17:47)0
SaaiVeksar(22.12.2019, 17:47)(17:47)0
SaaiWas in ocean of tears, lake of ill omen(22.12.2019, 17:46)(17:46)0
abysskeqIt should be fixed, what zone?(22.12.2019, 17:46)(17:46)0
SaaiEverClient still giving error that you're not in the correct zone. Did that not get fixed?(22.12.2019, 17:41)(17:41)0
abysskeqYup, but if you want something more real-time you can use AFKCleric to auto heal, and also cast slow at a certain %(22.12.2019, 09:11)(09:11)0
BennyTwoThumbslike ever X seconds click hotbar 1/2/3/etc..(22.12.2019, 09:08)(09:08)0
BennyTwoThumbsRight, but isnt that just on a timer(22.12.2019, 09:08)(09:08)0
abysskeqIf you want to autoslow from your main you can use EQBoT, with the create your own macro and your slow spell. It’s intended for boxes but it could work from your main.(22.12.2019, 09:08)(09:08)0
abysskeqYou can do other things with EQBoT if your not a boxer such as using auto abilities/auto spell casting/twist bard songs automatically etc(22.12.2019, 09:05)(09:05)0
BennyTwoThumbsWont AutoClearic just heal?  or will it also slow/cast other spells?(22.12.2019, 09:04)(09:04)0
BennyTwoThumbsDamn... bought EQBot thinking it would allow me to, was unable to get it working... guess thats why. =/ bummer(22.12.2019, 09:04)(09:04)0
abysskeq, 09:04)(09:04)0
abysskeqNope, but AFKCleric will do what you want automatically on your main. Works for all healing classes(22.12.2019, 09:02)(09:02)0
BennyTwoThumbsCan I use EQBot on my main to auto debuff / heal party members.  I dont box(22.12.2019, 08:59)(08:59)0
Noccowhere is the site for WoW?(22.12.2019, 03:05)(03:05)0
NoccoFucking discord man(22.12.2019, 03:03)(03:03)0
abysskeqI like it too it’s great that it’s now all connected with the site, very easy to manage.(22.12.2019, 02:39)(02:39)0
dumptrucknice to see you got an alternative to discord up, lots of game hacking discords get banned unfortunately(22.12.2019, 02:02)(02:02)0
abracalanhello everyone. i'm liking this new chat(22.12.2019, 01:55)(01:55)0
Valet37Cool thanks!(21.12.2019, 22:57)(22:57)0
abysskeq1.07 is Bard speed, and .87 I believe is SoW. You can go faster of course, just don’t go too fast near others because they can see how fast your going (21.12.2019, 22:50)(22:50)0
Valet37Is there a safe runspeed to use in everhack?(21.12.2019, 22:34)(22:34)0
abysskeqFixed some issues with the site not letting some register. You should now be able to register/reset passwords just fine now.(21.12.2019, 21:07)(21:07)0
SycoXHi what's happened to the discord server?(21.12.2019, 20:30)(20:30)0
snppwtg ))(21.12.2019, 19:15)(19:15)2
abysskeqhaha yep, I am working on it trying to make it have a nice feel, and look (21.12.2019, 18:46)(18:46)0
nuclearda1985when a new message*(21.12.2019, 18:44)(18:44)0
nuclearda1985you did not deny it my man!!! Also i like how when a mes message comes up it blinks in the tab in chrome. Nice touch(21.12.2019, 18:44)(18:44)0
abysskeqhaha(21.12.2019, 18:42)(18:42)0
nuclearda1985like your upcoming nodelay and dupe hack that you're secretly working on to provide to us lifetime access members as a christmas present !!!!! huuuuhhh yeah ;-) (21.12.2019, 18:40)(18:40)0
abysskeqYep, if you have access to any of the products you will also have access to VIP member only chats etc  so alot of things can be hidden from the public!(21.12.2019, 18:34)(18:34)0
nuclearda1985abyss thanks for the hard work. Honestly, i thin kthis is better than discord because i assume you must be a paying member here to see these specific updates? prevent stalkers if thats the case(21.12.2019, 18:31)(18:31)0
abysskeqEverHack has been updated to the latest patch 12/21/2019 - Simply launch the EverClient, and it will autoupdate!(21.12.2019, 17:48)(17:48)0
abysskeqYup this discord issue had some real nice timing heh, it will be finished in the next hour-2(21.12.2019, 14:27)(14:27)0
BennyTwoThumbsEverhack is out of date still?(21.12.2019, 14:26)(14:26)0
abysskeqI will miss Discord, but its best to keep everything in one place I suppose hehe(21.12.2019, 14:05)(14:05)0
abysskeqyessir :D(21.12.2019, 14:04)(14:04)0
nuclearda1985wooo is this our new chat system?(21.12.2019, 14:02)(14:02)0
abysskeqDiscord currently is down, currently working on a new chat system in house.(21.12.2019, 10:55)(10:55)0
BurakAny1 on(29.03.2020, 16:09)(16:09)0
BurakHi(29.03.2020, 16:09)(16:09)0
StevenIs there a way we can do a Trial run on this program? to learn how to use it?(22.03.2020, 16:24)(16:24)0
StevenI just want to box so I can play this game. I am tired of going lfg all the time(22.03.2020, 16:19)(16:19)0
Stevencan you chat somewhere private please?(22.03.2020, 16:18)(16:18)0
abysskeqHey, unfortunately discord was removed, but its pretty simple to setup! You can also ask here, and I can answer (22.03.2020, 16:17)(16:17)0
Steveni am willing to buy a sub but i need someone to help me set up the program please. i am computer illiterate. what is our discord channel? i cant seem to join(22.03.2020, 16:16)(16:16)0
Darkfistedregistered and paid waiting for log in info still.(22.03.2020, 03:50)(03:50)0
Darkfistedafter paying how long does it take to get access?(22.03.2020, 02:43)(02:43)0
winstoneqghost still not working has not work at all since paid for it if not going work can we at trade it for one of other programs that does paying money for something that never work seem like con job and seems like 2 weeks is long enough that if cant get working should give us something or give us our money back(18.03.2020, 12:54)(12:54)0
JoedoolDoes anyone use EQStick? want to know how reliable it is for a melee box. Thanks!(16.03.2020, 00:38)(00:38)0
Mojoguy01Anyone tried seeing if ShadowPC doesn't get banned on truebox servers?(15.03.2020, 21:22)(21:22)0
dkonehell i just got a account and i cant log into member for some reason(12.03.2020, 02:01)(02:01)0
winstonis everghost working for anyone on tlp payed for app that has not worked at all since day 1 seen post on bug tracker from jan understand if patch breaks it but why sell a app that's not working there not much to mess up from set up instructions start up by admin hit save local bug message so nothing in it does anything no replys on bug tracker or pm feeling very jipped atm(04.03.2020, 17:52)(17:52)0
winstoneverghost running as admin as still getting nothing but Error:[string "--local value = inputQuery("Login - EverGhost..."]:54: bad argument #1 to 'write' (string expected, got nil)(04.03.2020, 06:44)(06:44)0
GewblinAnd I am running it as admin :)(03.03.2020, 23:59)(23:59)0
Gewblin@abysskeq So I have EverGhost and it still is not letting me move. I keep rubberbanding with it. Is there a client I need to log into to use EverGhost? I thought it was just download and run as admin. However, that does not work.(03.03.2020, 23:54)(23:54)0
Logisticzdoes superkill still work on p99(03.03.2020, 00:17)(00:17)0
tigerragrobthere is no more discord(03.03.2020, 00:16)(00:16)0
winstondiscord  links keep saying invalid or out of date(02.03.2020, 23:47)(23:47)0
winstonhi purchase everghost today and not 1 thing on it is working wont save id wont load id no turn on/off was loaded as admin pls help feeling like got jipped atm(02.03.2020, 23:28)(23:28)0
OctusI just bought the AF Cleric and am having alot of trouble getting it to work. I tried to follow that video on youtube and still no dice. Any chance some one could hit me up on Discord and give me a video tutorial step by step OR a very well in depth written explanation?(02.03.2020, 18:39)(18:39)0
platinumuserhi I wud like to purchase everbot but site saying All products have been updated to the latest patch EverQuest patch 01/16/2020 but its not last patch, is stil working on TLP, I'm never used eqbot before...(26.02.2020, 06:21)(06:21)0
Sacia@abysskeq How do I login, it says my user/pass is worng(25.02.2020, 22:07)(22:07)0
abysskeq@everquestbot I think I fixed this for you(13.02.2020, 13:27)(13:27)0
abysskeq@Gewblin make sure you are running EverGhost as an administrator(13.02.2020, 13:27)(13:27)0
everquestbotI recently purchased Everhack and for some reason I'm getting an invalid username/password message when I try to login for the first time, even though it is the same that is in the email that was sent. Any suggestions?(09.02.2020, 21:13)(21:13)0
GewblinWhen launching Everghost I don't receive a prompt to login w/ my credentials. It just launches an application that does nothing.(05.02.2020, 21:17)(21:17)0
abysskeq@Gewblin Access done  Definitely I would use EQBoT to command those slaves (04.02.2020, 21:18)(21:18)0
GewblinI've purchased a few of the services you have to offer but need membership access please :)(02.02.2020, 08:34)(08:34)0
GewblinI’m interested in setting up a 3 or 4 man squad. One tank, one healer, and a few dps. Which program do I need to get to get? Looking for full auto mode as shown in the vid. On a TLP. Also interested in knowing if the zone hacks are still working properly on TLP servers.(02.02.2020, 07:29)(07:29)0
paul33xI'm in the same boat as you Mpower12345. Abyss is good about this kind of stuff and will get to it asap I am sure.(26.01.2020, 21:59)(21:59)0
Mpower12345purchased afkcleric but cannot get into members section (26.01.2020, 16:03)(16:03)0
abysskeqMoving behind a mob? Not yet... but coming soon(17.01.2020, 23:26)(23:26)0
abysskeqAFKCleric works great with any healers, especially druids (17.01.2020, 23:25)(23:25)0
NokkWould AFKCleric work with a druid for healing?  Also does EverStick or anything else you offer auto move a rogue behind a mob?(17.01.2020, 23:24)(23:24)0
abysskeqI am working on a better chat, that will join all my sites together (17.01.2020, 20:41)(20:41)0
MrM000CowIts not as slick as discord though.(17.01.2020, 18:11)(18:11)0
MrM000CowCould always spin up an IRC chan(17.01.2020, 18:11)(18:11)0
abysskeq@Kruptcy hey, access is done  As for the discord unfortunately it was closed due to ToS, what questions did you have on EQBoT?(17.01.2020, 00:11)(00:11)0
kruptcyThe invite link is not working. Just purchased lifetime access to the TLP EQBoT and have a couple questions :)(15.01.2020, 15:54)(15:54)0
kruptcyHi guys, is the discord server down?(15.01.2020, 15:52)(15:52)0
abysskeqYour all set  Just go to and download the latest build and login (08.01.2020, 01:26)(01:26)0
StephenSeouldone registering(08.01.2020, 01:24)(01:24)0
StephenSeoulI got it(08.01.2020, 01:22)(01:22)0
StephenSeouldiscord?(08.01.2020, 01:21)(01:21)0
abysskeqI sent you a PM StephenSeoul(08.01.2020, 01:20)(01:20)0
abysskeqOk, give me 1 sec(08.01.2020, 01:16)(01:16)0
abysskeqLet me know when you have registered(08.01.2020, 01:16)(01:16)0
StephenSeouli already have made registration newly using a new email address.(08.01.2020, 01:15)(01:15)0
abysskeqGo ahead and register here for me:, 01:14)(01:14)0
abysskeqOk let me fix it up for you(08.01.2020, 01:13)(01:13)0
StephenSeoulCouldnt login any of them since 2020(08.01.2020, 01:09)(01:09)0
StephenSeoulactually this is my second time payment(08.01.2020, 01:08)(01:08)0
StephenSeoulI paid kenetix a few minutes ago(08.01.2020, 01:08)(01:08)0
StephenSeoulI cant login and access to your discord adress and everhack(08.01.2020, 01:07)(01:07)0
abysskeqHey(08.01.2020, 01:06)(01:06)0
StephenSeoulHello(08.01.2020, 01:05)(01:05)0
Arty23abysskeq any release date?(19.03.2020, 08:35)(08:35)0
Pettywhy is chat blank now that i signed in?(04.03.2020, 07:00)(07:00)0
Pettyis this bot not out yet?(04.03.2020, 06:59)(06:59)0
PandaSuper excited for the wow classic bot. Just saw your video. When will it be out for purchase?(18.02.2020, 01:15)(01:15)0
tigerragrobfinished my 5 man group. I went prot warrior, rogue,mage, priest, and pala...Still might make a fury warrior....(25.01.2020, 13:16)(13:16)0
Headshooter16i have very good pc so what i need to run 5x wow classic and play with auto bot like you?(19.01.2020, 11:52)(11:52)0
SlackerNice!(17.01.2020, 21:48)(21:48)0
abysskeqFor WoW its per Window, no need for Virtual Machines(17.01.2020, 20:42)(20:42)0
SlackerAbyss is this going to be per window or per computer/VM? In eq i just run 18 machines but most of these won't run WoW very well. I do have some new laptops though that will run at least 3 instances of wow np if I don't have to use VMs.(17.01.2020, 16:54)(16:54)0
abysskeq@Headshooter16 New WoW site is about 75% done(17.01.2020, 00:09)(00:09)0
abysskeq@Slacker Paladins are amazing lol, the paladins pretty much keep my entire group healed. The only issue I have noticed is with AOE Attacks with them. Your absolutly right on a mage though, if I ever do make another 5 team, I would definitely put in a mage (17.01.2020, 00:09)(00:09)0
Headshooter16Hi how work this bot for WOW classic? i just saw video and i wanna have it(14.01.2020, 18:16)(18:16)0
SlackerTBH, i'm waiting on abyss before I create my 1 man raiding force :p(08.01.2020, 00:55)(00:55)0
SlackerYou definately want a pally if alliance and a shaman if horde. Pally is best single target heals in the game I think and shaman best aoe with chain heal. No matter what I would have two healers since you are boxing this stuff. Also good to be able to rez if your main healer dies. Abyss does the melee thing but I don't see leaving out a mage as I would want the group portals. I personally prefer to do aoe so I tank on a paladin. I can hold aggro on as many as I want that way and dont' have to worry about aggro falling off. I also don't plan on tanking any raids until I get at least 20 toons up. Then I'll have a warrior for sure. (08.01.2020, 00:54)(00:54)0
abysskeqI do a 2 pally, and 3 warrior team, and havn't had any issues demolishing anything that comes in my way!(07.01.2020, 22:51)(22:51)0
BlacklordThe best 5man team is an interesting subject :) Seems prot war and priest healer is the 2 spots given for the optimal team. For horde side I think the last 3 spots should be 2 war and one ele/enh shammy, for the dungeon cleave and given warriors are the top dps with gear.(04.01.2020, 18:13)(18:13)0
tigerragrobyea im working on my 5man team. So far Prot warrior, rogue, pal. Working on my priest atm and may make a fury warrior to finish the group out...(03.01.2020, 20:00)(20:00)0
MrM000CowHey guys, what’s up?(03.01.2020, 07:53)(07:53)0
BlacklordIm here for wow classic :) Got a 5man team ready.(31.12.2019, 19:58)(19:58)0
abysskeqDefinitely  (30.12.2019, 17:57)(17:57)0
XizHyype(24.12.2019, 09:55)(09:55)0
NosferWhere i can buy?(29.03.2020, 09:43)(09:43)0
undeaddudeWhen kan i get ealy access to this bot. Im ready to go all in.(27.02.2020, 19:30)(19:30)0
mythwhere can I pre order ?(22.02.2020, 20:04)(20:04)0
NeonknightAbyss i got a blank check for ya hahaha(12.02.2020, 21:59)(21:59)0
Arty23Just take my money(28.01.2020, 02:32)(02:32)0
abysskeqAlmost!(25.01.2020, 15:39)(15:39)0
tigerragrobis the new site up yet?(25.01.2020, 15:37)(15:37)0
BlacklordWarrior. Release the Kraken, we need the warrior :)(15.01.2020, 17:06)(17:06)0
BlacklordPurchased priest. Download not working.(15.01.2020, 17:05)(17:05)0
Headshooter16how work this bot for wow? i mean with other my acc in party, my main char automatized etc. is a video of it or something?(14.01.2020, 18:32)(18:32)0
tigerragrobWhere is the new video :-)(14.01.2020, 15:04)(15:04)0
sollaris@abysskeq Link to your channel?(13.01.2020, 22:15)(22:15)0
tigerragrobAny chance paypal and or amazon will be a payment option?(12.01.2020, 13:51)(13:51)0
abysskeqThere will be videos for each class on the new site :D There will also be a new video tommorow I will put up on my channel showing the new updates, UI, login server, and of course some bot action Sub to my channel so you get those first hand updates (12.01.2020, 07:17)(07:17)1
EarlyCI can completly understand that and you're right a free program can get to much traffic and becomes way to easy to detect. Would you consider making a video showing off a warlock script possibly? (12.01.2020, 07:15)(07:15)0
abysskeqGetting as big as glider is something I don't exactly want though, I am the only dev and I get about 50 PMs a day so my idea of a self configurable bot that wouldn't need me for you to use it is what I am aiming for (12.01.2020, 07:08)(07:08)0
abysskeqThat's why unfortunately I stick to BTC for WoW work.(12.01.2020, 07:06)(07:06)0
abysskeqa trial might be made later on after its released, once its released I can focus on things like that. Although making it too open like that probably isn't a good idea. Unfortunately with Bots etc (Well let me rephrase this WoW Bots in particular) longevity is an issue because blizzard likes to be quick about them. That's exactly why the price is cheap. The bot will be released, and I will work on it daily, but I can't promise it won't get shut down after who knows how long. The bot does connect to my servers, but if I shutdown my server the bot will resume working. So even if the site does get shutdown, it will continue to work.(12.01.2020, 07:05)(07:05)0
EarlyCAnd is there away to do a trial to know if it's what I'd like to commit to? I used to have honorbuddy and i really enjoyed all the things it could do but the lifetime subscrib subscription was short lived sadly. I was never caught or banned though which is my biggest concern. (12.01.2020, 06:58)(06:58)0
abysskeqThe Bot is very customized by you, so you would be creating your own profiles for each toon pretty much. Everything will be stored in a config file so you can send to others, share, or sell if you like(12.01.2020, 06:56)(06:56)0
abysskeqThere won't be any limits on sessions or anything, so your free to use it on as many PCs as you like. Just like the EQ work, I only ask that people don't share (12.01.2020, 06:53)(06:53)0
abysskeqAtm there is a preorder special for $50 for the complete bot which includes updates etc, when its released just like my EQ work it will become monthly based, probably around $20 a month for all the profiles.(12.01.2020, 06:52)(06:52)0
EarlyCWhat price range were you thinking?(12.01.2020, 06:49)(06:49)0
abysskeqhaha I am pretty much always on the chat(12.01.2020, 06:49)(06:49)0
abysskeqYep it works with all classes, majority of it is done atm, finishing up the UI for release, and the site (12.01.2020, 06:48)(06:48)0
EarlyCAlso i just checked your profile. I didn't expect the man himself haha(12.01.2020, 06:48)(06:48)0
EarlyCSo i watched a couple of the videos from abyss and i was wondering if the program worked with all classes or what the options currently are(12.01.2020, 06:47)(06:47)0
abysskeqHey, yep (12.01.2020, 06:44)(06:44)0
EarlyCAnyone here?(12.01.2020, 06:43)(06:43)0
Malx@abysskeq never mind i see now thanks(12.01.2020, 03:28)(03:28)0
Malx@abysskeq ok thanks, what can i access now lol (12.01.2020, 03:27)(03:27)0
abysskeq@Malx its not the percentage of the class profiles thats slowing me down, its the registration/login system once thats finished its pretty much golden from there.(12.01.2020, 02:17)(02:17)0
abysskeq@Sollaris Your login info will transition to the new WoW site which you will be able to download each profile etc(12.01.2020, 02:16)(02:16)0
abysskeq@Malx Access Done (12.01.2020, 02:15)(02:15)0
Malx@abysskeq so what percentage are each classes done roughly speaking?(11.01.2020, 20:47)(20:47)0
sollarisSo if i preordered it i will get an email once released with all the info?(10.01.2020, 21:43)(21:43)0
BlacklordI wish you had paypal(10.01.2020, 10:52)(10:52)0
abysskeqYour fine, you won't miss out on it(10.01.2020, 02:19)(02:19)0
Malx@abysskeq I'm trying to preorder but I have to wait on verification for bitcoin so I'm hoping to not miss out on it.(10.01.2020, 02:17)(02:17)0
abysskeqWill be posting a new video soon on new updates, sorry for the lack of new videos been working on it pretty deligently(10.01.2020, 02:17)(02:17)0
abysskeq@Malx thats correct :D The bots are automated, I don't see why it wouldn't work with isboxer(10.01.2020, 02:15)(02:15)0
Malx@abysskeq cool, so pay preorder once and get to use all classes with one license on multiple wow acounts? Also does it work fine with isboxer? (09.01.2020, 04:29)(04:29)0
abysskeq@tigerragrob not atm(09.01.2020, 00:46)(00:46)0
abysskeqPreorder includes all classes, as you will get access to everything, when the site is complete it will be a monthly sub similar to how it is for my EverQuest products(09.01.2020, 00:45)(00:45)0
tigerragrobugg you dont have paypal or amazon? :-((09.01.2020, 00:44)(00:44)0
Malx@abysskeq complete bot meaning just priest bot or for other classes too? (09.01.2020, 00:43)(00:43)0
abysskeq@tigerragrob Until the site is up, and running you can preorder here: after preordering you will be given WoW vip access (09.01.2020, 00:36)(00:36)0
tigerragrobwhere do I preorder the wow content?(09.01.2020, 00:31)(00:31)0
abysskeqHey. Preorder is $50 lifetime for the complete bot, when its released it will be monthly. (09.01.2020, 00:29)(00:29)0
tigerragrobany idea what the price will be so I can set my funds a side :-)(09.01.2020, 00:27)(00:27)0
tigerragrobgot ya man and thanks for the reply(09.01.2020, 00:20)(00:20)0
abysskeq@tigerragrob not sure, building the site atm along with the registration system(09.01.2020, 00:19)(00:19)0
abysskeq@papaconat in development atm(09.01.2020, 00:19)(00:19)0
tigerragrobSo are we a week or so away from release or is it going to be a bit longer?(09.01.2020, 00:06)(00:06)0
papaconatwhere can i buy this auto afk bots ?(08.01.2020, 22:46)(22:46)0
Malx@abysskeq you think you'll be releasing this week or next?(08.01.2020, 16:15)(16:15)0
abysskeq@MrM000Cow It uses MySQL, and streams directly from my database. If you have used my Client for EverQuest (Not sure if you have) its the same concept(07.01.2020, 22:53)(22:53)0
abysskeqYep, all classes will be available Aquaplex :D(07.01.2020, 22:52)(22:52)0
Aquaplex21Are all classes going to be available?  Trying to figure out what 5 box team to make for this..(03.01.2020, 22:33)(22:33)0
MrM000Cowhey abysskeq, I appreciate you taking the time to make those progress vids about your wow classic bot. You mentioned in your more recent vids about how you were going to stream all the info to each client and all clients would be different some how.  How does that work? What technologies are you using todo that? Curious and want to read about the technical aspects of implementing something like that.(03.01.2020, 08:46)(08:46)0
tigerragrobawesome(03.01.2020, 02:29)(02:29)0
abysskeq I am building the site atm for the WoW automated bots, stay tuned (03.01.2020, 02:28)(02:28)0
tigerragrobDo we have an eta for the priest bot? Would also like your PP email....(03.01.2020, 02:27)(02:27)0
vikingdadstreamAbyss, Ill buy the priest bot.. I dont have bitcoin or such. If you hit me up with your PP email, ill send you that 50(30.12.2019, 21:03)(21:03)0
abysskeq@Aquaplex21 The priest is available for preorder because its the first thing I created so its pretty much done, the full bot as you see in the videos is kind of an addon overtime. The coding is about done on it, but I am working on a GUI to make things easier for setup for you all. It should be done next week. I will also be making a WoW specific site for it. Stay tuned for the link etc (30.12.2019, 17:54)(17:54)0
abysskeq@Aquaplex21, Discord was poof due to ToS (Apparantly you can't discuss game automation there?, lol)(30.12.2019, 17:52)(17:52)0
Aquaplex21I see the priest is on preorder, but i'm interested in something like what you show on your youtube videos (full party).  Should i wait till other classes are available before purchasing?  (29.12.2019, 14:47)(14:47)0
Aquaplex21Where do i find the discord channel?(29.12.2019, 02:17)(02:17)0
abysskeqNew WoW site is almost done as well!(28.12.2019, 13:35)(13:35)0
GuestVIP is for purchasers, you will get access to downloads/help and more (28.12.2019, 13:31)(13:31)0
GuestYup it’s close to release for the Priest version! The coding is done, just need to finish up the UI(28.12.2019, 13:31)(13:31)0
Malx@abysskeq Is priest one close to being released, even beta version for purchasers. I'd love to use it to heal my multiboxing team.(27.12.2019, 05:19)(05:19)0
vikingdadstreamWhat does VIP do? will it get me the test build you have running? This looks too cool, and I want to test it out =D(27.12.2019, 01:04)(01:04)0
abysskeqYep @slacker, thats just Priest, but that purchase will cover everything for the Priest class.(26.12.2019, 18:44)(18:44)0
abysskeq@Malx, thats correct each Profile will be an individual purchase (priest, warrior, paladin etc)(26.12.2019, 18:44)(18:44)0
Malx@abysseq, so if you want to use it for a full group you need to purchase each bot (mage, priest, warrior, warlock etc) one separately?(25.12.2019, 15:34)(15:34)0
NoccoYa if i buy the priest bot will that be the same as the auto group bot like u had with xbox controller :D(24.12.2019, 03:17)(03:17)0
SlackerI do have a question. The preorder was for the priest version I guess, but not sure how that translates to the bot program as a whole.(23.12.2019, 23:27)(23:27)0
abysskeq@slacker Yep, currently working on GUI. If you have any questions though feel free to ask (23.12.2019, 14:42)(14:42)0
SlackerRight now we are all waiting on the finished product. I think there were a few kinks Abyss wanted to work out before a full retail launch so to speak. It should be released soon, and I know I hope it is because I want it too.(22.12.2019, 17:27)(17:27)0
abysskeqIf you have preordered send me a PM, and I will give you private access to VIP(22.12.2019, 08:58)(08:58)0
abysskeqWow site is still being built, but it’s available here: for preorder (22.12.2019, 08:53)(08:53)0
st104997I am not sure as well

I bought it before

(22.12.2019, 05:57)(05:57)0
NoccoWhere can i get this?(22.12.2019, 05:51)(05:51)0
st104997ŤEST123(22.12.2019, 05:49)(05:49)0
NoccoWtb this service :D(22.12.2019, 03:06)(03:06)0
markiewicz89AFKCleric for TLP Servers - Lifetime Access Membership please(24.03.2020, 22:38)(22:38)0
DevlinHHey purchased eqbot waiting on member access(24.03.2020, 01:51)(01:51)0
jj429Don't have access yet(21.03.2020, 17:45)(17:45)0
abysskeqAccess done (20.03.2020, 08:56)(08:56)0
jj429Still requesting access to everhack/kinetixquest(17.03.2020, 16:38)(16:38)0
EvianHi there! Requesting access for everstick for TLP - purchased I think about an hour ago(15.03.2020, 23:04)(23:04)0
jj429Request access to everhack/kinetixquest(15.03.2020, 11:14)(11:14)0
dethvirusNeed access to nodoors please when you get a chance.(14.03.2020, 22:27)(22:27)0
zulab001abysskeq please check your messages I need access pls(12.03.2020, 23:07)(23:07)0
dkonehello i payed for eqbot but i can`t get into members to download.(12.03.2020, 21:02)(21:02)0
zulab001purchased everstick and everhack please give me access (12.03.2020, 00:48)(00:48)0
snppwhen was teh last time anyone had a communication with Abysskeq ?  ( purchased AFKCleric for TLP Servers - Lifetime Access 5 days ago...can i get access to download an updated version)    getting a bit uneasy here(10.03.2020, 06:55)(06:55)0
snpp purchased AFKCleric for TLP Servers - Lifetime Access 5 days ago...can i get access to download an updated version(09.03.2020, 11:41)(11:41)0
5991157Havent used EQbot in a bit as I have been on P1999 and KenetixQuest, however went to run EQbot and it is not allowing me to enter login info or enter into the program.  When I run the program up using admin mode, it just immediately pops up with incorrect username or password...before I even put any information in there.(09.03.2020, 00:21)(00:21)0
snppyou there Abysseq ?      im sitting here anxious to try my new toy as I  purchased AFKCleric for TLP Servers - Lifetime Access just now ) yesterday  ))) Have a nice weekend(06.03.2020, 06:39)(06:39)0
snpphmm my messages gets truncated   - I need the acces ..for purchased AFKCleric for TLP Servers - Lifetime Access just now ) (05.03.2020, 17:20)(17:20)0
snpppurchased AFKCleric for TLP Servers - Lifetime Access just now )  using my email as this user.(05.03.2020, 17:17)(17:17)0
snpphey Abyss (05.03.2020, 17:16)(17:16)0
OctusPurchesed AF cleric and EQbot need access(02.03.2020, 23:40)(23:40)0
winstonpurchase everghost requesting member access(02.03.2020, 23:38)(23:38)0
Deadrequesting access to eqbot. Discord isn't working?(27.02.2020, 19:02)(19:02)0
hambamPurchased everhack, and discord invite is expired sadly :((26.02.2020, 16:23)(16:23)0
konadogepurchased eqbot, requesting access(25.02.2020, 23:40)(23:40)0
ammonone79Purchased lifetime bundle. Requesting members access(23.02.2020, 07:03)(07:03)0
BigDirtydoes it usualy take a while>?(17.02.2020, 19:29)(19:29)0
BigDirtyjust bought and looking for acess(17.02.2020, 19:22)(19:22)0
ZarulilPurchased lifetime EQBots. Requesting members access.(12.02.2020, 12:22)(12:22)0
Sallericok since January 17th when I had purchased Everstick, I have been requesting member access. This is the 6th time I have asked (including private message abysskeq) WTF, i mean seriously?(10.02.2020, 13:31)(13:31)0
everquestbotI recently purchased Everhack and for some reason I'm getting an invalid username/password message when I try to login for the first time, even though it is the same that is in the email that was sent. Any suggestions for me?(09.02.2020, 21:14)(21:14)0
GoldchainPurchased EQBots need access pls(09.02.2020, 01:38)(01:38)0
burakaksarPurchased everstick, need access pls(07.02.2020, 16:16)(16:16)0
moralesj1203Purchased EverHack for month to try and see...waiting on access.  (07.02.2020, 02:05)(02:05)0
abysskeqAccess Done :D(04.02.2020, 21:23)(21:23)0
burakaksar@abysskeq waitin access for eqbot(04.02.2020, 19:40)(19:40)0
burakaksarHi, just registered with user: burakaksar and purchased, access pls(04.02.2020, 19:35)(19:35)0
Metsuit's been like 4 days and i still not getting access, anyone waiting too ?(04.02.2020, 10:51)(10:51)0
Mpower12345need access to AFKcleric please already bought it but need access(01.02.2020, 20:29)(20:29)0
Metsupurchased eqbot and still waiting for access(01.02.2020, 04:35)(04:35)0
SallericPurchased Everstick Jan 18th- Please give member access-  This is the third time I have asked.(31.01.2020, 16:46)(16:46)0
SallericStill waiting on access to EverSTick, thanks(29.01.2020, 04:13)(04:13)0
NokkI Purchased AFKCleric, Access Please.(18.01.2020, 14:23)(14:23)0
SallericPurchased EverStick, need member access, thanks!(18.01.2020, 07:06)(07:06)0
abysskeqAccess done (17.01.2020, 20:42)(20:42)0
Salleric Just registered and subscribed to EQBOT, waiting for access, Thanks (Sorry for the double post)(17.01.2020, 18:10)(18:10)0
tigerragrobty bro(17.01.2020, 00:03)(00:03)0
abysskeq@tigerragrab You should have access now (17.01.2020, 00:02)(00:02)0
tigerragrobStill dont have access(16.01.2020, 22:26)(22:26)0
tigerragrobAbyss did you confirm my payment?(16.01.2020, 03:04)(03:04)0
tigerragrobFor the WOW Bot that is....(15.01.2020, 03:41)(03:41)0
tigerragrobOk Im prepaid can I get access?(15.01.2020, 03:40)(03:40)0
abysskeqAccess Done :D(12.01.2020, 02:03)(02:03)0
Malxpreordered autopriest would like access thanks(10.01.2020, 23:29)(23:29)0
abysskeqAccess done (10.01.2020, 07:48)(07:48)0
AT30Just purchased everstick however, I can't seem to access the members section on this site. Says I still need to purchase something to gain access but I got the download and receipt email.(09.01.2020, 19:03)(19:03)0
abysskeq@Aquaplex Access done :D(09.01.2020, 00:18)(00:18)0
Aquaplex21PM sent(08.01.2020, 19:33)(19:33)0
abysskeqAccess should all be done (07.01.2020, 22:54)(22:54)0
Savwould like access :|(05.01.2020, 18:40)(18:40)0
LuftacosPurchased lifetime this morning and need access.(05.01.2020, 13:19)(13:19)0
CrazyninjaPurchased a few items tonight and need access, Thanks! =)(05.01.2020, 04:18)(04:18)0
abysskeqAccess done (30.12.2019, 17:45)(17:45)0
PulariPM sent(30.12.2019, 13:16)(13:16)0
Pularirequesting access, purchased autopriest a bit back(30.12.2019, 08:38)(08:38)0
GuestAccess done (29.12.2019, 14:49)(14:49)0
KerginalAlso, purchased EverHack, awaiting login info since the generic that it gives you doesn't work.(29.12.2019, 03:42)(03:42)0
FanelienGood day, purchased lifetime EQbot for TLP, didn't have an account at purchase time could I please request access? Purchase made with same email address as this account.(29.12.2019, 01:40)(01:40)0
abysskeqSure can, access done (28.12.2019, 22:25)(22:25)0
KerginalPurchased AFK Cleric, but forgot to sign into the site first, can you link it to my account please?(28.12.2019, 20:20)(20:20)0
abysskeqAccess done (25.12.2019, 16:55)(16:55)0
cgabel26Oops didn't see this section. Purchased lifetime this evening, in need of access :)(25.12.2019, 05:23)(05:23)0
abysskeqSending PM (22.12.2019, 08:54)(08:54)0
st104997Bought WOW BOT a while ago(22.12.2019, 03:14)(03:14)0
scumbagsPurchased eqbot - how long does it take for access?(21.12.2019, 23:50)(23:50)0
abysskeqSending you a PM (21.12.2019, 15:04)(15:04)0
Valet37I purchased EverHack this morning, but it's not letting me log in with the emailed username and password. It appears to be generic(21.12.2019, 15:02)(15:02)0
abysskeqSSRATemple - EQNoDoors(26.12.2019, 19:12)(19:12)0
abysskeqPlane of Knowledge - EQNoDoorsPoK - EQNoDoors(26.12.2019, 17:58)(17:58)0
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