EQBoT v2.5 is now available!

5 months 2 days ago - 5 months 2 days ago #399 by abysskeq
New EQBoT v 2.5 is now available for download!

*Lots of bugfixes*

- Faster parsing of stickattack
- Fixed a few crash issues when loading EQBoT

*Pet commands*

pet attack - now works better than before, will autoassist the master, and send in the pet.
!pet follow - Will have your pet autofollow you.

*Teleport Commands*

!teleportstickattack - This will teleport your melee toons to your target to get into range, and then use stick to face the target, and attack.

You can download the latest build in your member section!

Visit our Discord Chat: discord.gg/wvvBgFS
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